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Even More JC Clash Coverage!!!

Like J-Ro, this is my first blog entry, and I sort of hate to keep harping on the ’07 Clash, but damn, it was realllly good. Allison and J have covered many of the interesting points of the race, so basically this entire post is going to be about my own personal performance. Seriously. I mean what is really more important?

Lets start with practice. Track was awesome, layout was fun, my car didn’t break. Qualifier #1. I my car was, to quote Ryan M. “A full-on hurt-box”. Qualifiers 2-4, see description of qualifier #1. I finally ran non-IFMAR champ Andy Moore’s* car in the Q5 and the main. Awesome. Thanks Andy.

The Magic just lost to the Bucks as I type this….ughhh…

I rolled into Tampa on Wednesday afternoon after a grueling day in the office** to find a spirited group of Englishmen in the JC pit area. These guys know how to go on holiday like nobody’s business. We had a couple of really great nights out on the town and met some really interesting people. Rachel the equestrian, Amy J the real estate agent/fashion consultant, Jill the bartender, Mike the bouncer, Bill Sullivan of the Clearwater PD, Jack and Seth at the department of corrections(thanks guys!) and I can’t wait to meet Judge Nathaniel Johnson on Feb 23rd 2008. I’ll bet he is a real fun guy also.***

I learned the following things over the course of the event:

Ryan Maifield is apparently a pretty decent driver.
Lee Martin is absolutely ace. A top man indeed.
They speak English in England.
JC tires are Brilliant!
Frank Root has the ability to impersonate BK, Elvis, and the Fonz without a wardrobe change.
Tons of rear-seat room in the back of a Jaguar S-Type.
Allison is like a human PDA.
Her parents could run a concession stand with two coolers and an average size grill and feed 5,000 people an hour.
JR Mitch is still fast. duh..
Girls(women?) who ride horses have incredible muscle tone in the lower body.
CA glue apparently has a shelf life.
Long electric mains are the future of racing.
Muhammad is the most popular name in the world.
You can’t get a better rate at a hotel after 4am.
The Hurricane track crew is first rate – Joey, Raptor, Mike, Dave and the guys – Thanks!
Diet MD is the most refreshing beverage ever. Running a close second: diet Heineken.
I still don’t care for Red Bull, no matter how attractive the girl giving it to me for free may be.
Jimmy Babcock is the best race director.
I met a cute black quarterhorse gelding named Lucky. And his rider Rachel.
The Team Associated RC8 is possibly the best 1/8 buggy ever.
Waitressing is hard work. Tip accordingly.

I still say the best part of this event was the international attendance. I was great to see the track at Lake Park once again hosting a world-class international race. It has been a long time since the glory days of the WinterChamps, and it felt like old times to be out there again. I hope we can all be there again next year, and add even more new people, make even more new friends, and especially have more good times.

See you all in 2008!


*The Andy Moore I refer to is not an IFMAR WC.
** Actually, I have never had a grueling day in an office in my life.
***No one in our party was assaulted, arrested, imprisoned, or charged with any crimes.