JConcepts Events Coverage

The Clash was truly a Blast!

Well, I feel as if I haven’t slept in a week, my feet hurt, every muscle in my body hurts, even my cheeks and any muscle that is required for laughing and smiling! There was no shortage of fun, socializing or drinking at this race 🙂

But all that aside, the race was fabulous ( and yes, I can say Fabulous because I am a girl !)

We ended each day by around 7 pm leaving plenty of time for dinner and entertaining…. not much could top our first night there, which was Wednesday night for most people in my entourage…. but each night was enjoyable and we all got to talk to someone new. Meeting you all was great, chatting with the English guys is different than the USA guys, we were able to compare vocab words and the use of the language, amongst other things.

I know the restaurants in the US serve more food than we really need but it is so funny to hear a foreigner say that! It was mentioned by more than one person….. and we didn’t even take them to the Cheesecake Factory! The food portions there could serve 3! They did not complain about the size of our alcoholic beverages though – or at least not until the morning after! As I also took on the role of Entertainment Director, it became very important to have plenty of Advil on hand in the morning! 🙂

We dined at Bahama Breeze on Wednesday when we all arrived in town, it was a new experience for some. Bahama Breeze was also one of my “digs” in college as well, however in college I would go home from Bahama Breeze alone, but on the eve of the First Annual Clash I went home with 10 guys.

We spent one night of the weekend at the Tampa Ale House not far from the track. Now while this was not one of the more eventful evenings, it is definitely better than eating fast food and wrenching on RC cars until the wee hours. The Tampa Ale House has quite a soft spot in my heart.

My girlfriends and I spent every Thursday night there my senior year in College …. My office was just down from the Tampa Ale House, I can not count the number of Happy Hours we spent there…

This is just a sampling of the happenings off the track, overall Tampa is a fabulous city and we had a great time … I just need to get a lot more sleep before the 2nd Annual Clash 🙂

Cheers! Allison