SuperBowl Ads – another year come and gone

So the best part of watching the super bowl, especially when “your” team is not playing is – ok well there are 2 things – the commercials and the beer. Not the beer commercials but the beer I can drink! Diet Heineken anyone ?

As an advertising major, at least once during my college experience, I had to watch the Super Bowl commercials for “homework.”

Everyone knows the SB ads are top notch!

And since the half-time shows have gone downhill after the Janet and Justin “malfunction”, the commercials and the beer are all I have to look forward to!

In case you missed the commercials, or you were hiding under a rock and missed the game, here is a link to view the commercials – http://www.myspace.com/superbowlads

Naturally the T-Mobile w/ Dwyane and Charles are always hi-larious. The Planters and the Pepsi and JT was pretty good.

Not high on my list – but maybe high on yours? Carmen Electra and the Ice Breakers.

What did you think was best?!