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ROAR Fuel Nat's Second Report

1/8th Buggy Bar Codes!
1/8th Buggy Bar Codes!

Well the track has offically dried out and a groove is up.   Track surface reminds me a lot of the 2007 nationals in Missouri which Maifield TQ’ed with Double Dees so I’m confident our equipment is up to the task.  I’m getting an excited but nervous feeling from all drivers and it’s nice to see everyone wants it so bad.

I see a lot of fast drivers.  Maifield has the fastest lap i’ve seen so far 32.8 and a host of 33.0.  I suspect Cavalieri, Tebo, Truhe and Drake are right there.  Not much different than any other race but the stakes seem a little higher here.

Maifield, JR and Chad Due got their buggies out on the track and looked pretty impressive.  JR and Chad Due were running yellow Crowbars while Maifield ran that combination and experimented with our new 1/8th Bar Code tire.  :). Pretty dialed!

We will see how things shake down but early reports look good on this track.

In the next report I will break down some of the new products but I will leave with a few photos for now.

More soon.