At the Track

2010 Florida State off-road series #5

Event: 2010 Florida State off-road series #5
Date: March 13-14, 2010
Location: Hudson, FL
Race Reporter: JConcepts Team

The week leading up to the race, Florida was hit with heavy rains for several days straight and the weekend’s race was certainly in question. B&B Hobbies however had no doubt that their track would be ready to go Saturday morning for the first round and they certainly didn’t disappoint.
After about an hour of open practice qualifying got under way. Just coming off his recent success at Motorama; JR Mitch lead the way by taking the overall TQ position in both Pro Buggy & Pro Truggy with his JConcepts equipped Rc8B and RC8T-CE.
By the main events the track had taken on a nice blue-groove condition and JR took full advantage by reaching for his favorite tires; Double Dee V2 in buggy and Sevens in Truggy. Once the dust settled, JR Mitch stood on top by winning both classes in dominating fashion.

Buggy top 3:
JR Mitch
Billy Easton
Jason Ruona

Winning combination:
Car – RC8B
Body/Wing – JConcepts High-Flow
Tires – JConcepts Blue Double Dee V2
Inserts – JConcepts “Profiled”
Wheels – JConcepts Max-ups

Truggy top 3:
JR Mitch
Ryan Eckert
Joey Perez

Winning combination:
Truck – RC8T-CE
Body/Wing – JConcepts Punisher
Tires – JConcepts Blue Sevens
Inserts – JConcepts Molded
Wheels – JConcepts Mono 3.7″