At the Track

Psycho Nitro Blast III

Event: Psycho Nitro Blast
Date: March 4-7 2010
Location: Atlanta, GA
Race Reporter: Eric Anderson

The Psycho Nitro Blast was held in an indoor horse arena in Atlanta, GA and includes practice from Thursday-Friday till 6PM and includes all night Thursday. We arrived to a killer layout that was fast but you had to be very careful with your line or you would loose a lot of time. The PNB uses wooden jumps with dirt downsides so its a bit unusual at first but it grows on you due to the fact that the jumps never change during the event. There were 386 entries total with 138 of those being in 1/8th scale buggy. There were also about 50 Pro Buggy entries along with a lot of truggy, elec 8th scale and SC Trucks.

From the first time on the track I knew my JConcepts equipped Xray 808 was pretty good. It was super easy to drive and the blue compound Subculture tires were hooking up awesome! They had just enough forward and side bite to be fast but not grab in the ruts that formed on the track after a few hours of driving on the track. I ended up qualifying 3rd for the 45 minute Buggy A main and at the start was in 2nd place for the first part of the race. After a few pit stops and making up some time on the track the leader and myself began swapping it back and forth on the track and in the pits. The top 3 were separated by about 4 secs with 10 minutes remaining. After taking the lead just before my final stop I got a little anxious coming off of pit road and got hung up on a pipe for an extremely long lap due to marshalls not being able to see my car. With about 3 minutes to go the leader flamed out right in front of me allowing me to get by for the lead and take the Victory. After a 45 minute main on the hard blue grooved track my set of blue Subcultures still looked new.

This was my first big off-road event and looking forward to many more. I’m still trying to get used to everything getting dirty unlike On-road racing!