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New Tire Releases – Short Course

Goose Bumps – green compound – pre-mounted Slash 2wd front
Part # – 3041-3230
UPC Code – 845937004017
Retail price – $35.00
Fits: Slash 2wd front

Goose Bumps – green compound – pre-mounted 12mm hex SCT front and rear
Part # – 3041-3240
UPC Code – 845937004024
Retail price – $35.00
Fits: Slash 2wd rear, Blitz F&R, Slash 4×4 F&R, Kyosho Ultima SC F&R, OFNA Hyper SC F&R, Jammin SCRT-10 F&R

The 4-time National Champion Goose Bumps are now available pre-mounted on Rulux wheels.

Short Course racing has progressed and JConcepts is on top of the development with the introduction of the Goose Bumps for Short Course racing. Realism has not been left out on these race tires, the Goose Bumps are completely detailed with center lug all-terrain inspired tread and side wall. The JConcepts Goose Bumps tires are just what the doctor ordered; combining a totally unique step pin and bar lug design with sticky green compound to allow even greater control on off-road surfaces.

The Goose Bumps are a special breed, designed for maximum performance when new or used as the design allows even wear all the way down to the tire body. Once the driver wears through the initial pin, a bar follows to maximize potential on aggressive surfaces. The Goose Bumps incorporate a compact tire body with a crisp tread pattern with precise separation for intense short course racing competition.

Goose Bumps in new condition excel on soft surfaces with either dry or wet conditions. Worn Goose Bumps excel on indoor or outdoor clay tracks where a slight groove has formed.

Race inspired tread design with all-terrain inspiration
Available in sticky Green compound
Compact tire body with crisp tread and precise separation
Aggressive step pin and bar lug combination design
Includes foam inserts

Double Dees – orange compound (fits SCT 3.0″ x 2.2″ wheel)
Part # – 3043-04
UPC Code – 845937004239
Retail price – $24.00
(Fits 2.2” x 3.0” SCT wheel)

The JConcepts Double Dees tire in Orange compound is perfect for a variety of track surfaces and in particular black groove abrasive tracks. On super hot abrasive tracks, wear and stability is always the trade off when going to a small pin tire and with the Double Dees for Short Course, these worries have been minimized. Running qualifiers and main events on the same high performance tire is now possible. The Double Dees design is a world leading tire combination right out of the package, the unique technology combined with abrasive specific compounds like orange allow the flexibility necessary to compete on even the most demanding surfaces for an extended period of time.

Available in Orange compound the Double Dees for Short Course are a specialty tire that when matched to the appropriate track can provide the performance that racers dream of. Additionally, the Double Dees include precisely molded Force-1 inserts which fill and proportion the tire specifically between tire and wheel dimensions.

Double Dees in orange compound excel on outdoor hard packed surfaces with dry conditions that have taken rubber and turned abrasive. Drivers will feel the immediate impact of the exclusive design and proprietary rubber compound as they rip around the track at blistering speeds.

Available in Soft (groove conditions) Orange compound
Compact tire body with crisp tread and separation
Aggressive square Double Dee lug technology
Includes molded Force-1 insert