At the TrackJC Travel Team Coverage

Checking In From Fear Farm

Checking in from the Fear Farm. We have ran a couple practice runs so far and the Pro guys have only run once in truggy. Guys seem to be picking up the layout very quickly which is somewhat rare for a Joey layout. Everyone seems to really like the track and seem pumped on getting the buggies out there. Maifield, Evans and Denney were in heats 10, 11 and 12 and we experimented with Hybrids and Sevens, with the Hybrids looking pretty strong so far.

Jeremy Kortz and Tanner Denney got their e-buggies out there and got a feeling for what to expect in the buggy class. The breaking bumps and whoops are more of an issue with the buggies so guys will have to find that balance between vehicles. Its still amazing how much power the e-buggies have. Hybrids for Kortz and Crossbows for Tanner looked pretty good so we’ll keep tweaking…

Things only get more difficult from here but there is some calm to the pits at the moment which is relaxing. Almost 530 entries on just the nitro side so we have some entry power this weekend here in Arizona.