Race Results

German 8th Scale Nationals – Round 1

Jörn Neumann Wins Round 1 of the German Nationals with JConcepts.

The 1st Round of the 8th Buggy Nationals where held in Osterhofen, Germany August 17-19. There were 123 drivers that qualified for the Buggy Nationals. The weather forecast was perfect for the whole weekend. On Friday it was controlled practice with three 10 minutes runs and one 5 minute run. With the dust clearing off the line, everyone thought that the traction was going to get better, but it was the total opposite. It got very slippery and rough. Jörn tried a few different set-ups, to get things better for the conditions. After practice they found a good balance.

On Saturday qualifying started. Jörn’s qualifying didn’t start out too well, a broken steering servo in the warm up of Q1 knocked him out of that first race. Jörn was able to come back in Q2 and he TQ’ed the next 3 out of 4 Rounds and was overall TQ.

The finals day would be the hottest day at about 35 degrees (95f). The semi final was 20 minutes long and Jörn was able to take the win in his semi. This put Jörn 2nd on the grid just behind Daniel Reckwardt. Another JConcepts driver, Alex Hardt started 5th on the grid.

At the start of the final Reckwardt and Jörn pulled away from the rest of the field. Jörn made a small mistake and Reckwardt had a 3 seconds lead. Just before they had to pit for the first time Reckwardt made a mistake and flamed out. Now Jörn was in the lead and cruised to the victory. JConcepts teammate Alex finished 4th.

Next and final Round will be in 2weeks. Congratulations to Jörn and Alex on a great race.