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JConcepts New Release – 1/8 Truck Black Jackets

Success in 1/8th racing rests in having the correct tire at the proper time. The Black Jackets from JConcepts made their debut to success at the Dirt Nitro Challenge and Neobuggy events during the 2012 racing season. The Black Jackets, constructed from very small square pins, provide additional grip on loose conditions with a light amount of dust and debris across the surface. The tread spacing near the outside rows are slightly open allowing maximum flexibility to adhere to smooth and slick surfaces providing a reasonable flex contact patch. The crisp center bar construction provides a wall-like pattern of tread which provides additional forward bite and also resists some high-expansion wear associated with typical small pin tires.

The Black Jackets have a quick and nimble feel on the track which translates into quicker lap-times for the driver in certain conditions. During the 2012 Silver State Nitro Challenge, Ryan Maifield utilized the Black Jackets as his go to tire for the dusty conditions. The small pin construction made them ideal for the bumpy conditions while the center bar support allowed plenty of forward traction to climb up to a top spot on the podium. The Black Jackets inner ribbing features a repeated X-type ribbing which reduces the amount of tire expansion under power while still being soft and cushy for bumps and rutted sections. The new high-performance tire includes JConcepts “Force-1” inserts to finish off a successful package.

· JConcepts small tread, spread lug design
· Heavy center lug design for increased forward bite
· Ideal spacing for performance and traction
· Tread spacing provides maximum flex for increased grip
· Available in Soft (Blue), Super Soft (Green), Mega Soft (Black) compounds
· Include light-weight and durable “Force-1” inserts

Black Jackets – blue compound
Part # – 3068-01
UPC Code – 845937007650
Retail price – $35.00
(fits Elevated bead 1/8th truck tire)

Black Jackets – green compound
Part # – 3068-02
UPC Code – 845937007667
Retail price – $36.00
(fits Elevated bead 1/8th truck tire)

Black Jackets – black compound – mega soft
Part # – 3068-02
UPC Code – 845937007674
Retail price – $37.00
(fits Elevated bead 1/8th truck tire)