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Motorama 2013

Chad Due, Dave Duncan, Matt Olsen, Max Flurer, Steve Hartson dominate with JConcepts at 2013 Motorama

Frigid Pennsylvania temperatures weren’t enough to stop the competition from heating up at the 2013 Motorama located in Harrisburg, PA. Temperatures rose quickly inside the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex with two R/C tracks and a record setting 740+ race entries, racers were amped up and ready to lay down some laps. Chad Due, Dave Duncan, Matt Olsen, Max Flurer, and Steve Hartson were on a mission and it was mission accomplished for these highly competitive racers.

JConcepts Driver Dave Duncan edged out ahead of the competition by only 0.8 of a second taking the TQ spot with 11 laps / 5:00 in Stock Short Course Buggy. Duncan took advantage of the ever important pole position by checking out and not looking back taking the A Main Stock Short Course Buggy win with 12 laps / 5:01

DD A-main from Chris Lewkovich on Vimeo.

Chad Due took the TQ spot in Pro2 Mod Short Course with 12 laps / 5:15. Due took advantage of the pole position from the very start of the race. Chad checked out and didn’t look back taking the first place win with 13 laps / 5:21. Chad put the power to the ground using JConcepts green compound Bar Codes.

Motorama 2wd SC Mod A-Main from Chris Lewkovich on Vimeo.

Steve Hartson was the first to break the 13 lap barrier in qualifying, taking TQ with 13 laps / 5:23 in Mod Buggy. Steve also used the pole position to his advantage. Once the race started there was no looking back for Hartson, taking the win with 14 laps / 13 laps 5:05. Chad Due took the second place spot with 13 laps / 5:08.

Motorama 2wd Mod A-Main from Chris Lewkovich on Vimeo.

Matt Olsen took TQ with and the first place win with 14 laps / 7:07 in Pro4 Modified Short Course. Olsen also qualified second and placed second in Pro2 Modified Short Course.

Max Flurer was the “King” of 1/8th scale expert electric racing at the 2013 Motorama event. Max was top qualifier in both 1/8th Buggy and Truggy classes. Flurer also took the first place spot with 21 laps / 10:15 in 1/8th Expert buggy and 21 laps 10:07 in 1/8th Expert Truggy.

Motorama 1:8th Scale Expert Buggy A-Main from Chris Lewkovich on Vimeo.

Video Courtesy of Chris Lewkovich