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1st Annual South Florida Winter Championship


JConcepts wins 7 classes at the 2014 South Florida Winter Championships.

Coral Springs RC Track hosted the first annual South Florida Winter Championship and they did not disappoint. Friday morning racers were greeted with a fresh new layout and amazing weather. Without a cloud in the forecast racers began to arrive early Friday morning for early practice and to get there cars dialed in for the weekend. Saturdays race program would bring 3 qualifiers, rocket round style and some fierce competition with over 190 entries. By mid morning the track was well grooved and racers qualifying times continued to improve. Sunday the dust was settled and the mains were set.

2WD stock buggy was the first A Main on the line, with Jconcepts Team Driver Riker Gatenby setting the TQ. Riker led the tight field into turn one and went way wide in turn two, allowing Mike Applegate to take the inside and the lead. Coming up the hill Mike made a mistake and Riker once again regained the lead and wouldn’t look back. Riker drove a super smooth race to hold off a hard charge from Glenn Worthington. Riker took the win, with Glenn Worthington in the two spot and Mike Applegate rounding out the top 3. Tylar Pollack would finish in the 4, with Owen Watts 5th, Tim Kowal 6th, Chris Menear 7th, Dan Borkowitz 8th, Jason Brittain 9th, and Billy Bruce in the 10 spot.


Next on the grid was the Stock Truck A main, and the competition was tight. Team Kyosho driver Tylar Pollack would set the TQ with Riker Gatenby in the 2 spot and Mark Mixon in the 3. The main went off without the TQ, with Tylar Pollack busting a steering servo during warm up. Riker Gatenby grabbed the lead early and held off the hard charging Team JConcepts driver Robert Molina. Riker would take the win with Robert Molina in the 2nd position and Onroad legend Mark Mixon in the 3rd spot. Rounding out the field in the 4 spot was oval master Tommy Dionese.


Next up was Mod Truck, Team JConcepts R&D mastermind Paul Wynn was the man to beat setting the TQ with his Associated T4.2. Paul Wynn was smooth and consistent and led the entire main, holding off Mike Applegate for the win. Mike Applegate finished in the 2nd spot, with Jeff Kranz in the 3, Glenn Carlson 4th, Renato Tradardi Sr 5th, and Glenn Worthington rounding out the field.


Next up was the 2WD Modified A main with Team Associated young gun Daimon Borkowicz setting the TQ with the all new Associated B5 in rear motor configuration. This main was packed with talent and race order swapped back and forth til the end. Daimon, Jason, Paul and Jader battled down to the wire. Daimon Borkowicz would hold off Mr. JConcepts himself, Jason Ruona in the 2 spot with Jader Lopez taking the three spot, Lazar Jonas in the 4, Paul Wynn battling back for the 5, Renato Tradardi Jr in the 6, Glenn Worthington 7, Sean Kersten 8, with Mike Barone rounding out the field.


Up next was Pro 4 Modified, and TQ Christopher Viesins missed the main after getting sick Sunday morning. Lazar Jonas would lead it off, with Felix Law closing in on him quick. Daniel Paz sat back in the 3 and watched the battle unfold. Felix would capitalize on a Lazi mistake and never looked back. Felix Law checked out, and Lazi finished with a respectable 2nd place, with Daniel Paz in the 3rd spot. Rounding out the field was David Iler in the 4, Mike Barone 5, Glenn Carlson 6, Chris Intravia 7, and Tom Allen in the 8 spot.


Up next was another talented field in the popular 4WD Modified class. Setting the TQ was Mo Powa Law, Felix would lead the field in with Daimon Borkowicz and Jason Ruona pouring on the pressure in the 2 and 3 spots. After suffering mechanical issues Jason Ruona was forced off the track early, which left Daimon and Felix to battle it out. Justin Fales was charging hard in the 3rd spot with Jader Lopez closing in. Felix would go on and hold off the hard charge from Daimon and take the win. With Kyosho team driver Justin Fales in the 3rd spot and team Xray driver Jader Lopez in the 4, Glenn Worthington 5th, David Iler 6th, Sean Kersten 7th, Mike Barone 9th and Jason Ruona in the 10.


Next up on the line was the largest class of the event with 52 entries, Ebuggy. This was probably the best main of the day. Setting the TQ was JConcepts driver Chris Viesins, missing the main once again due to illness. Leading off the main was fellow JC driver Felix Law with JConcepts/Team Associated teammate Renato Tradardi Jr putting the pressure on. Felix and Renato were swapping the lead back and forth almost every lap, passing each other in mid air. The clock was winding down and Renato made a critical mistake allowing Felix Law to check out. Renato was able to hold off local driver Louis Perez for the 2nd position and Louis grabbing the 3rd spot, with Jader Lopez 4th, Richard Hazbun 5th, Lazar Jonas 6th, Justin Fales 7th, Chris Intravia 8th, and Daniel Paz in the 9.


Thanks to Mike Applegate for the report.

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