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Thornhill Racing Circuit Grand Re-opening

JConcepts team driver Martin Harrison headed to Texas to race the grand re-opening race at the Thornhill Racing Circuit located in Hutto Texas, North of Austin. Martin sent us this recap of the event…

“This past weekend I attended the Grand re-Opening at Thornhill in Hutto, Texas. This facility has the largest covered track in the nation and was nothing short of impressive. We arrived on Friday morning for the start of practice.

For practice on Friday I decided not to run SCT and focus more on buggy since I would run two buggy classes, Pro eBuggy and 40+ eBuggy along with Pro eTruggy. I would start with a new TLR 8ight E 4.0 car which made for a full day working on setups. Once landing on a ok setup I decided not to even practice with the eTruggy and use the remainder of the day getting used to the new buggy.

For qualifying the format was changed due to a large unexpected turnout. There would be 3 rounds of rocket round qualifying with double mains. For Pro eBuggy I would end up qualifying 7th overall. In eTruggy I would take the TQ position with my second round qualifier and 2nd overall in the 40+ class.

The mains were very exciting for me to run as I had many close battles with others during the mains.

In Pro eBuggy I would take a 6th in the first round and found that the tires I had been running were only getting slick on the glazed over surface. So in the second main of Pro eBuggy I switched to the new JConcepts Triple Dees which helped me land a 4th place finish. I was tied with Ty Rodgers for 4th overall and with the tie breaker I landed in the 5th overall position.

In the 40+ class I was able to get great starts in both the mains and separate myself from the pack to get the overall win. This was a fun class as I had never ran this class before.

eTruggy was a tight battle in A1 all the way to the end to win by less than a second at the line. In A2 of eTruggy I would get taken out on the first triple on the first lap. With 10 min to go and second to last place I would have to be clean and fast to catch up. I was able to work my way to 4th with 2 minutes and 30 sec to go. I would find myself 20sec off of first place. On the last lap I caught first place and made a great clean pass to take the win by less than a second. This was a great comeback win for me.

Overall I had a great weekend and learned a lot with the new car. Thanks to all my sponsors TLR, Horizon Hobbies, Tekin, Venom, JConcepts, Airtronics and Avid. Next up is the Psycho Nitro Blast.”

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  1. Hey Martin.. congratulations on the win. Would you be able to share your setup for the Thornhill track? Or is it posted somewhere online? Thanks!

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