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4th Annual JConcepts Judge

The 4th annual JConcepts Judge race hosted by GSHobby was another success. Along with JConcepts, we had Team Associated, TLR, Horizon Hobby, Venom, and EZ Customs as lower level sponsors to help us have another great event. GSHobby is located in the small town Barling, Arkansas, just southeast of Fort Smith. The hobby shop is top notch and has a club racing scene at the smaller indoor track which has collected a good number of local racers from around the general area. The JConcepts Judge brought all those racers back with a mix of people from out of town. There was a two day race for one of the coolest trophies, a Gavel.


Novice SC:  Dan Macentire set the TQ and led part of the race, but he was overtaken by Robert Johnson for the win.  Donald Scott finished in third right behind Dan.

Sportsmen Stock Buggy:  TQ was Smutty, but he had early race struggles and he didn’t get back into contention in time.  Craig Avis and Robbie Langley battled back and forth for the lead with Craig winning on the last lap.  Jimmy Bartholomew was third.

Pro Stock Buggy:  Bryon Shumate was the overall TQ.  Fast Zach came from the second spot on the grid to win both A1 and A2. Bryon Shumate ended up second and Mike Harrington came in 3rd.

Short Course:  10-year-old Fast Zach split wins with Mick Wofford in qualifying, but he had the faster time to set the TQ.  He led tone to tone to take the win.  Mick Wofford was second and Eric Gann finished 3rd.

Sportsman Stadium Truck:  Jimmy and Smutty split qualifying wins with Jimmy coming out for the TQ.  In the main, Jimmy and Smutty battled it out, but a late crash had Smutty take the win. Jimmy came in second and Bign came in third.

Mod Truck:  Qualifying was dominated by Mike Harrington and he TQ’d. An early mistake by him sent him to the back of the pack and let Bryon Shumate out front and he never looked back.  A great battle for second was between Braxten Culley and Fast Zach with Fast Zach receiving second and Braxten third.

2wd Mod Buggy:  The battle was between JR Mitch, Michael Twilling, Trevor Nault, Todd Sieler, and Bobby Woods. That’s how they qualified for the three A mains on Sunday. A1 and A2 were taken by TLR/JConcepts driver JR Mitch, leaving the battle for second between Team Associated/JConcepts driver Michael Twilling and Bobby Woods. At the 3rd A main, it was Michael getting the edge over Bobby for the second overall position.

4wd Mod Buggy:  The battle was between JR Mitch, Todd Sieler, Michael Twilling, Trevor Nault, and Mike Harrington. That’s how they also qualified for the three A mains on Sunday. A1 was a dominating performance from Team Associated/JConcepts driver Michael Twilling after a technical problem with JR Mitch’s TLR 22-4 in the warm-up. A2 saw JR recover nicely after the mishap in A1. A3 was one of the last races of the day and the most anticipated, as it was coming down to this main for the overall. JR Mitch, Michael Twilling, and Trevor Nault battled to the end which came out with TLR/JConcepts driver JR Mitch on top. Team Associated/JConcepts drivers Michael Twilling and Trevor Nault came in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

GSHobby once again put on a great show with some great action from the 2wd stock class all the way up to the 4wd mod class. GSHobby would like to thank everyone for coming out and to our sponsors (JConcepts, Team Associated, TLR, Horizon Hobby, Venom, and EZ Customs). We look forward to seeing everyone next year!