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Scotty Ernst’s Off-road Showdown – Race 3

Galen McCreary, JP Richards and Dave Duncan win big at round 3 of the Scotty Ernst’s Off-road Showdown.

Sparks Park RC Raceway is located in Columbus, Ohio and was the host of round 3 of the Scotty Ernst’s Off-road Showdown. Dave Duncan made the trip from Florida out to Columbus, Ohio to Sparks Park RC raceway to represent JConcepts and to help all the team drivers and others with tires. The track is an indoor facility with all pit areas and track being A/C controlled. Always a nice option with it being summer and over 90deg outside.

The track was a fresh layout for this race and the track crew did an amazing job with the layout and surface. It is a black clay track that when kept wet we can run gold Smoothies. All weekend long the track crew kept up with a wonderful watering program so everyone had the same surface and traction to race on.

Friday the doors opened at 10am and the team began to start running packs and figuring out the track. The traction was really good so there was some work to do to keep the cars from having too much front bite and flipping off the track. As the track closed at 7pm, the whole JConcepts team had the smoothies nicely broken in and ready for qualifying Saturday morning.

Saturday the doors opened at 7am and racing started at 9:30am. This was a qual point race so every round is important with your best 2 out of 4 rounds counting. After round 1 was complete, JConcepts team drivers were getting faster and faster, holding 5 total class TQ’s. At the end of the day after 3 full rounds where complete, JConcepts team driver Galen McCreary locked up 4wd mod buggy with 3 TQ’s and also Dave Duncan in stock SCT did the same. The other classes would still need the final round 4 before the TQ and all other positions where determined.

Sunday the doors opened at 7am with round 4 starting at 8am. With the final round complete, JConcepts team driver JP Richards took his 3 TQs and locked himself into the TQ position for the main. There was a racer raffle after round 4 with lots of goodies given out from all the sponsors that support the series.

The mains started around noon and went very smooth. Dave “Double D” Duncan went tone to tone in stock SCT to take the win with his Team Associated JConcepts equipped SC5M on gold Smoothies front and rear. Galen McCreary lead the first few laps of the 4wd mod buggy main. After getting into some lap traffic, he found himself in 3rd with a lot of work to do. With the A mains being 7 mins long, Galen took that to his advantage to reel back in 2nd and the 1st place drivers to take back the lead and the win with his JConcepts equipped TLR 22-4 2.0 on gold Smoothies front and rear. JP took off at the start of his 2wd mod buggy main and pulled away from the field with a commanding lead to take the win with his JConcepts equipped TLR 22 3.0 laydown on gold Smoothies front and rear.


Big thanks goes out to Glen Sparks the track owner for a great facility. Galen McCreary for keeping the track in perfect racing conditions all weekend. Last but not least, Scotty Ernst and Thomas Tran for running a flawless race program. Thanks again for all that came out and raced. See you at the next one!