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Inside Look – Cavalieri’s Winning B64 from Spring INS7

Bringing you the hotness straight off the track from the Spring Indoor National Series, JConcepts delivers an Inside Look of Team Associated/JConcepts’ Ryan Cavalieri’s B64. On his first trip to the Northwest’s premier offroad track, better known as TRCR, Ryan Cavalieri was on fire from the 2nd round of qualifying until the podium ceremony sweeping all three modified classes. It was a magical performance by the 4 time World Champion as many traveling pros would struggle to get 1 win let alone go on to TQ and win 3 classes.

As you can see, Ryan rocked the gold Dirt Webs filled with Dirt Tech inserts till the very end. As the grip increased, so did the tire wear. However, a lower tread tire produced faster times and more grip, but once you’re off the groove and into the fine dust you would go from hero to zero in no time spinning off the track. Luckily after every round, the corner marshalls did a great job sweeping and getting the track in prime race condition.

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2 thoughts on “Inside Look – Cavalieri’s Winning B64 from Spring INS7

  1. Im using space bar tires. My??? Is how long do they take to finality break in o feel like ours taking forever.

    1. Depending on track conditions, it may take a while to break in. Some team guys are putting the tires on a hand drill to speed up the process. If the track is abrasive and wearing tires, it shouldn’t take long. Thanks for the comment.

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