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Maifield Doubles at the Japanese Golden Week Championships

On his World Tour straight from the 1st Annual Desert Classic, Yokomo/JConcepts’ Ryan Maifield has been non-stop. From big 8th scale events like the Neobuggy, to the 10th scale carpet racing at EOS in Austria, Ryan quickly re-packed and flew out to the Japanese Golden Week Championship held at Yatabe Arena. With Yokomo HQ being in Tokyo, it was a great chance for Ryan to check out Japan on a more personal level while doing some racing to boot.

The Golden Week Championship is considered one of the longest running race events in Japan and this year had the guest appearance of Ryan Maifield. With his Yokomo cars on point at Yatabe, Ryan was able to TQ 4wd modified and qualifying 2nd in 2wd behind his Yokomo teammate, Kaito Kodera. Kaito displayed a lot of speed and is considered to be the future of Japanese offroad racing and extremely fast at his home track, Yatabe Area.

Here are the complete videos to both A-Mains courtesy of Team Yokomo. Check out the pass at the 6:52 mark.

2wd Modified A-Main


Golden Week Offroad Champs, Modified 2wd A-final!

Posted by Team Yokomo on Thursday, May 4, 2017


4wd Modified A-Main


Last race of the day here at the Golden Week Offroad Champs, the Modified 4wd final!

Posted by Team Yokomo on Thursday, May 4, 2017


It was a great race with Kaito really pushing to keep Ryan honest, but in the end, Ryan was too much to handle for the teenager.