Team Talk

Winning Wednesday – Why is RC so fun?

For one reason or another, in the world of RC we’re all bound by something that we can’t really explain. What makes RC racing so fun and addicting? Some call it the ‘bug’ or ‘the itch’ and every free moment you have, your mind is wrapped around getting faster, improving the car, learning more about setup etc. For everyone, it’s a different calling and a different reason why we love RC so much. No matter what the reason is, it’s something to celebrate as for many of us, RC has brought a lot of joy into our lives. From friends, adventure, to lessons on winning and losing… it’s all a part of it.

On this winning Wednesday, let’s celebrate RC racing and why we love it. Spread the joy and invite others to race and be a part of our hobby/industry. Here’s a few reason to why our Team Drivers love what they do and why we do too!