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Inside Look to the JConcepts Torch Wheels for TRX-4

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The long awaited Traxxas TRX-4 has arrived and with it the excitement of discovering ways to make this your very own and very personal scale crawling rig. These trucks are a blast, but what’s the fun if your buddy has the same exact, identical beast? It’s like showing up to a party only to find out your good buddy is wearing the same t-shirt. Sure it’s not a life disaster, but it does kill the buzz a bit.

One of the best ways to take your crawl game to the next level is to get performance upgrades that not only look awesome but also improves the handling of the vehicle in one shot. A key feature that is often overlooked and underestimated is the wheel and tire package. This can definitely set off the look of your ride as well as get you crawling the course quicker, easier, and better than the next guy (including your buddies). The Traxxas stock wheels and tires are nice and get the job done, but definitely not a standout setup. Here’s where JConcept’s stylish and rugged, 1.9″ all aluminum bead lock Torch wheel system can help you out.

Torch – 1.9″ Traxxas TRX-4 aluminum bead lock wheel set – (black ) – 4pc.
Part# 3384B

Not only are these wheels a thing of aesthetic beauty, but when held in the hand have the feel of incredible craftsmanship. They are solid! The black anodized, classic 6 spoke wheels are highlighted with CNC machining to give them more depth and a touch of class. Adding to the overall look of the package, the wheels are matched with machined lock rings that really shine and give that show quality appeal. Pair the wheels with a set of ultra-high grip, JConcepts all-terrain Scorpios or Ruptures, the Torch wheels comes to life and the crawling experienced kicked into high gear.

The bead-lock design adds to the versatility of any wheel and with these being machined from aluminum, the Torch wheels not only look gorgeous but are also substantially heavier than the stock plastic wheels which will provide more grip when crawling and lowers the CG for an overall better crawling experience. They do require assembly and the only tools you will need are a 1.5mm and 2mm hex drivers and a cleaning cloth to wipe the parts down before assembly. Here’s the quick run down on how to build up the 1.9″ Torch wheels.

The kit comes with 4 complete wheels and hardware so there’s nothing to worry about. First, take a rag and wipe down the pieces from the anti-oxidation oil that’s found on the wheels and bead-locks. A quick wipe will help them shine a bit better and also leaves your hands and fingers less contaminated with oil.

Next, it’s easier to install the hexes now since the bulk of the tire isn’t in the way. However, the order doesn’t really matter and if you’d like to build the wheel with the hex last, that’s fine too. Remember the hex adapter drops in the backside of the wheel with the hex facing up.

The wheel kit also comes with 1mm spacers so you can choose to adjust the stance of your ride to better fit the body or set your preferred look. The 1mm spacer go in between the wheel and the hex adapter so the never fall off or get lost when taking off the wheels.

Now take your 2mm hex driver and secure the hex adapter to the wheel with the cap head screws. You can also use thread lock to add more security from the hex adapter loosening up and moving.

Now place the tire’s bead in the designated bead-slot and lay the lock rings in the place while lining up the screw holes. Now use the use 1.5mm hex driver to secure the lock ring to the wheel. Do not tighten the screws all the way down until you have all the screws in place and the tire bead sitting pretty in its new home. Once you have all of the screws tightened, test the tire by pulling on the sidewall making sure the tire is securely held in place.

Flip the wheel over and repeat the process. The backside will take some time and a little bit of finessing to get the bead to stay in the bead slot. A helpful trick is to use the lock ring as a guide to equally press and hold the tire into the slot. Next, line up the lock ring to the screw holes on the wheel and you’re golden.

Once you have the tires mounted on the wheels, the hard part is done. Now get those bad boys mounted and go have some fun!

Option Parts: If you really want to maximize your crawling experience, you can always add in the optional JConcepts brass wheel weights adding 70 grams per wheel. That’s 280 grams total of low CG crushing traction. Since the brass weights secure internally, you could secretly destroy the competition and they would never know what hit them. For around $20 for all four wheels, you might as well build them into the wheel the first time instead of upgrading later and save yourself a lot of time disassembling and reassembling the wheels.

JConcepts – Brass C-shape wheel weights, 70gm per wheel – 4pc
Part# 2653
(Fits – #3384B Torch wheel set)

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