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JConcepts Win Big at the 2017 Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout

This year, the 2017 Hot Rod Hobbies Off-Road Shootout marked a special 20th anniversary for the outdoor classic that’s definitely among the racer’s favorite. This beloved outdoor track is located in Saugus, California, which receives the full S0-Cal summer weather treatment with temperatures at around 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. Also, being relatively close to the ocean, the breeze can play a factor while racing making for an ultra tough, outdoor racing environment that challenges all racers of any skill level.

This year, the track layout was excellent and filled with big, challenging jumps on a layout that allowed for great racing. Both of the big jumps were going into the wind making it much trickier and harder to deliver perfect runs. As the days went on, the track got more and more abrasive requiring racers mounting up the harder compound tires. Thanks to Jimmy Babcock and his crew for all the hard work and for an excellent track facility all weekend long.

The racing format consisted of 12 classes each running 4 qualifiers and taking the best 2 runs to sort the order of the main. With 8 qualifying directly into the Amain, the lower mains would run first that allowed the top 2 drivers to bump up into the next main until they reach the A.


2wd Modified

AE/JConcepts’ Ryan Cavalieri has been on fire lately with his JConcepts equipped B6. Having just won the Summer INS in 2wd, Cavalieri took the top step of the podium at the 2017 HRH Off-Road Shootout in the 2wd modified class. With Y2 Dirt Webs up front and Y2 Dirt Maze on the rear, Cavalieri won A2 and convincingly in A3 to take the overall. AE/JConcepts’ Spencer Rivkin finished 2nd with two-second place finishes. Xray’s Ty Tessman finished 3rd on the podium.


4wd Modified

It was a great race between Ty Tessman and Spencer Rivkin for the overall title in 4wd modified as the class champion was decided in A3. With a clutch drive in A3, Tessman would finish ahead of Rivkin with Dustin Evans finishing 3rd on the podium.


Open Stadium Truck

In the Open Stadium Truck class, it was once again AE/JConcepts’ Ryan Cavalieri finding the speed to take the win in A2 and A3 to give him another class overall title. It seemed as the race went on, Cavalieri was getting stronger and closer to untouchable as he was able to set the fastest time in A3 and win by a comfortable margin. AE/Reedy’s Dustin Evans would finish 2nd and Ty Tessman 3rd.


Open Short Course

AE/JConcepts’ Spencer Rivkin and Kyosho/JConcepts’ Chris Jarosz would have a great battle in Open Short Course as the show would go to A3. Just getting by for the extra lap, Rivkin took the win with Jarosz 2nd and Kevin Kimberly rounding out the top 3.


13.5 4wd

Stock Standout, FTR/JConcepts’ Dreighton Stoub had a great performance in the 13.5 4wd class running R2 Dirt Webs fronts and Dirt Maze rears as his tires of choice. By winning A1 and A2, Dreighton was able to be a spectator for A3. Kevin Kimberly would finish 2nd and Tim Allen 3rd delivering a terrific win in A3 to jump him up to the podium step.


13.5 Stadium Truck

Having qualified 2nd, AE/JConcepts’ Chris Van Air knew he had the speed to win and he did. From starting 2nd, Van Air was able to win A2 and A3 and emerge as the class victor. Kyosho’s Eddie Armijo finished 2nd and Shawn Miller would finish where he qualified in 3rd.


17.5 2wd Buggy

In the middle of his family vacation, Dreighton Stoub wanted to race a few races to get more experience and it’s paying off. Joining in on the 20th Annual HRH Shootout, Dreighton was able to set the TQ and go on to win A1 and A3 to take the overall. Kevin Kasten would finish with a 1st and 2nd to take 2nd with Tim Allen claiming the last spot on the podium.