At the Track

JConcepts Upgrades for the RC8TC3.1

It’s summertime and that means we’re at the height of 1/8th scale and outdoor racing. What could be more fun than driving a badass truggy on a big open track with gnarly jumps in the summer? It doesn’t get much better than this so to gear up for the outdoor season, we’ve constructed a little guide to help equip your Team Associated RC8T3 and the new RC8T3.1 for both nitro and Ebuggy platforms with the latest from JConcepts. Just click on the photo or the highlighted text to learn more about the specific item.

The Triple Dees tire has been designed to trim overall weight in every possible way. The carcass thickness, pin spacing, and diameter have all be optimized for the ultimate performance 1/8th truggy tire. Available in grippy compounds such as blue, green and long-wear R2 the new tires are packaged in reusable packaging for freshness and convenience. The Triple Dees include Dirt-Tech inserts, popularized by its durable nature and color, give customers the package they have been waiting for from JConcepts.

  • Next generation, Triple Dees design
  • Angular sharp pins, low-profile edge
  • Center over-lap, increases forward traction
  • Light-weight carcass and pin arrangement
  • Carefully shaped profiled carcass for rolling speed
  • Includes Dirt-Tech closed cell inserts

During the ROAR Off-Road E-Nationals, the Reflex tire was at full potential when the outdoor track developed a groove but the dust on the outside line had drivers searching for grip. Ryan Maifield bolted on a set of green compound Reflex to his truggy and quickly showed the capability of the tread by taking the fastest run of the weekend and TQ position. Ryan showed the durability of the tire by winning 2 of the 10-minute A-mains for another ROAR National title in 2015.

Even though all wheels pretty much look alike, they are not built the same. At JConcepts, we’ve spent a lot of time developing tires and wheels to provide the best performance for every hardcore racer out there. The JConcepts Bullet 4.0″ wheels leaves no detail untouched. The flat bead configuration provides elements that combine light-weight with performance. Utilizing a new tire mounting bead, the 4.0” design eliminates the need for excess rubber and insert material, dropping overall weight, while simplifying the mounting / gluing contact patch and location. Available in bright white and fluorescent yellow the Bullet 4.0” wheel is manufactured in a durable material which is able to withstand the heavy rigors of 1/8th truck racing.

The JConcepts Hybrid 1/8th scale wing is adjustable, lightweight, and durable. All qualities that a die-hard racer is looking for in performance hop-ups and upgrades. This adaptable wing can be configured with or without the center divider and also in either zero, narrow, or wide gurney for adjustable downforce. The pre-trimmed polycarbonate wing formed in heavy-duty material has a hard chamfered leading edge to the side-dams giving it that legacy look known from JConcepts. Angular sections blend nicely into the high-performance shape giving a location for that initial step and transition to the wing’s gurney position. At the rear of the wing rests 7 individual ribs which support the wings upper section as it transitions to the gurney.

The JConcepts Fin serrated aluminum wheel nuts are lightweight and look awesome on any 1/8th scale ride. They ooze style and also available in anodized blue or black. Completely CNC machined, the large flange and clamping surface area supports the wheel and helps maintain geometry during flex and load. The larger area also provides more footing for the serrated area which provides a more comfortable lock-down. Cutting weight was accomplished by reducing material sections in unneeded areas, in addition, the nut is sliced removing even more bulk and adding a “Fin” like appearance. The closed-end cap features an etched logo for authenticity and brand awareness.

The team at JConcepts has added a rigid carbon fiber option to the steering assembly for the RC8 series cars and trucks. The genuine flat panel material makes the perfect base for steering geometry, consistency and response. The cf steering rack is countersunk for the standard kit screws and includes 5 separate holes for Ackermann adjustment. The rack weighs in at ~3.25 grams and comes packaged in a re-sealable bag for authenticity. JConcepts is – World Proven Innovation and Design.

Unwanted flex can cause a lot of issues on the track, especially on high-bite or bumpy track conditions. With servos at the focus point of your steering and throttle/brake feel, securing the servo will only benefit you in the long run. JConcepts introduces the servo mount bracket for the RC8B3 | RC8T3 vehicles. Constructed of billet aluminum and available in either blue or black colors, this unique part offers benefits over the stock mount configuration. The bracket supports the servo and links both sides together while providing a little cushion between the radio tray and servo case itself.  During hard breaking or steering adjustments, the bracket provides additional support during unwanted radio tray flex moments.

Adapting is part of the formula for success. With the JConcepts quick tune RC8 series aluminum suspension arm caps, changing track width or camber has never been easier. JConcepts has arrived with the suspension arm cap and shim set which feature individual slotted shims which lock to one another. The arm caps have been machined to slide on the upper and lower arms and feature secondary machining to bring the level of glamour to another level.

Lastly, one of the biggest upgrades you can get that will make your car handle and look like the pro’s is the Finnisher body. Not only is it one of the most recognizable bodies out there, it’s also one of the most winningest.

The #0311 body incorporates pre-dimpled locations for one of the hottest truggies on the circuit. The slight cab forward, raked windshield and aggressive stance highlight a performance-oriented core. A wide front hood scoop allows plenty of clearance for the unique RC8T3 shock geometry. The body incorporates a large center fin which begins on the roofline and finishes just past the half-way point on the bed.  Extended front chin spoiler, headlight, and grill protect the front-end from unwanted up-drafts during flight while the supplied decals stand-out like an 18 wheeler.