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B6.1 and B6.1D Upgrades

The Team Associated B6 series cars have seen a lot of success since its debut and with the latest update, the B6.1, the platform has been further refined for more speed and tunability with updates to the transmission and transmission configuration. Luckily for us, there are a lot of upgrades that carry over from the B6 platform that can add performance as well as raise the bling factor. Here’s the classic overview diagram, but scroll below for more detailed information highlighting some of these awesome parts. 

The upgrade list can be overwhelming, so we decided to make a cheater list for those who want to scroll through the list and learn more about some of the quality accessories on their own. Don’t forget, most of the upgrades will also fit the T6.1 and the SC6.1 as well. Click on the URL or the photo for more details.


Aero Lower Front Wing – #0157

Aerodynamics is a key point on any vehicle and in particular, 1/10th off-road vehicles. A driver’s aero package consists of the vehicle type, body style and finally the finishing touch, the front wing. JConcepts regularly experiments with aero features throughout the entire product line, primarily bodies and wings. Front wings are not a new concept; however, they are new to the latest generation of mid-motor vehicles and demanding high-speed and grippy circuits. The Aero front wing is available for many of the popular brands out there.


Aero Lower Rear Diffuser – #0196

A rear diffuser is a huge part of 1:1 race car aerodynamic grip which has shown to improve performance. In off-road racing, ride-height, ground clearance and suspension travel substantially affect handling and are routinely adjusted to benefit one section of the track or another. It’s difficult to install low-mounted aerodynamic features because of the general abuse off-road vehicles endure, however, JConcepts has taken on the task to mount another aero option. Look for this item in the coming days.


Aero S-Type Rear Wing – #0173

The next generation of rear wings is here, developed and manufactured by JConcepts Inc. The S-type wing includes options not yet seen before on a 1/10th off-road rear wing. An extended rear gurney lip makes tuning that much better for more grip on the loose surfaces while running the latest generation in off-road. The base of the wing design is built on the popular Aero wing but with new additions which make the wing more durable, more adjustable and ultimately a great tuning piece.


Finnisher 2 Body – #0315

JConcepts hit the track at the Reedy Race of Champions with an all-new body design specifically for the latest generation of 1/10th off-road racing. Cleverly named, F2, the unique design quickly raised some eyebrows during competition and proved effective on the ground and in the air. Designed with aspects learned from the original Finnisher bodies, the F2 provides an even more aggressive look with included details which remain crucial to performance.



Titanium Front Axle – #2566T

Titanium material lowers the weight, increases strength over aluminum and increases the bling factor by 10-fold. The JConcepts titanium axle is adjustable and with the included aluminum 1mm spacer, a narrower track width can now be achieved very quickly and effectively. Included in each package is two Titanium axles and two aluminum 1mm thick spacers which can be positioned inside or out to change track width. It is recommended to start with a stock width setting (1mm spacer placed outside) during initial build and assembly.


Short Standoff #2599T

Long Standoff #2600T

Strength, performance and luster runs deep with the titanium stand-offs from JConcepts. The Fin Titanium items replace the standard parts and feature a light-weight design and with built-in threads are more easily adjustable than their counterparts. The 7mm hex based design allows adjustment with the most popular wrench in the R/C arsenal but also tapers down featuring the Fin treatment found on the JConcepts turnbuckles.


Fin Titanium Turnbuckles – #2580

JConcepts is Titanium with the introduction of the Fin turnbuckle sets designed specifically for style, durability, and performance. The base of the shafts design is centered around a .143” titanium hex size which gradually tapers down into a 3mm thread base design which accepts the standard AE ball-cup configuration. The focus of the styling surrounds the lengthened adjustment hex area and the “finned” cuts that rotate about the center. The Fin turnbuckles are lightweight and the original design brings out the glamour and quality that makes titanium one of the most sought-after exotic materials in the world.


Shock Parts

Fin V2 Shock Caps – #2490

JConcepts unveils the latest aluminum shock parts for the Team Associated shocks. The aluminum cap is precision machined with an angular bleed hole for correct building procedure and maintenance. The cap features weight reducing holes positioned about the center to reduce weight and add to the popular styling. Feel the precision of the machined threads and knurling during on and off assembly and a smooth transition while the cap seals over the standard shock body o-ring. The new caps are available in blue or black anodizing and include the etched JC logo for identification.


Fin Shock Collar – #2491

Adding to shock luster and performance, the JConcepts shock collar has a knurled exterior for extra grip and making quick adjustments. A notch has been added for location and identifying a track-side ride height change. The precise collar accepts the same inner o-ring as the kit standard and with a tiny drop of oil on the o-ring and is easily adjustable from any position. These nifty parts are available in blue or black anodizing and include the etched JC logo for identification.


Fin VCS Shock Bottom Cap – #2492

JConcepts adds ease of use and a grippy touch to the shock bottom end cap. The new part fits the bill for racers wanting a little extra grip during the closure of shock rebuilds and finishing off the look of a glamorous car build. The blue or black anodized piece fits nicely on the latest Team Associated shocks and has the etched logo for authenticity.



Aluminum Steering Bellcrank – #2565

JConcepts has the steering system on the B6 | B6D covered with an all new light-weight, aluminum steering bellcrank assembly. A servo saver-less aluminum steering system is CNC-machined and replaces the stock plastic components. The steering bellcranks by JConcepts come in a blue or black anodized finish and sport machined chamfered silver edges and engraved JC logos. The aluminum, light-weight assembly provides a more rigid steering system with increased steering feel and response.


4mm Large Serrated Wheel Nuts – #2341


JConcepts has your 4mm wheel nut needs covered with the large flange serrated wheel nut set. These high precision wheel nuts are designed with a large flanged area for additional support against the wheel and serrated for locking security. The large flange and clamping surface area supports the wheel and helps maintain geometry during flex and load.


Standard CF Shock Tower – #2406

Long CF Shock Tower – #2407

JConcepts has delivered on a Carbon Fiber rear shock tower option for the popular Team Associated B6.1 | B6.1D vehicles. The 4mm thickness, genuine Carbon Fiber material is durable, light-weight and features the JConcepts milled sections which help maintain strength while minimizing weight. The 3 standard (B6.1) shock positions remain for quick and steady adjustments in the correct position for the standard B6.1 | B6.1D length shocks.


B6.1 Rear Ballstud Mount – #2409

Extra beefy, security and precision are the best ways to describe the new rear ball-stud mount for the Team Associated B6.1 | B6.1D | T6.1 | SC6.1 vehicles. The rear ball-stud mount is under a tremendous amount of stress in today’s racing atmosphere and it is now heavy-duty thanks to JConcepts. After many months of testing and race tuning there are a couple advancements given to the new mount.


Servo Mount Bracket – #2567

Setting the trim on any R/C car is crucial but perhaps even more critical is for the trim to remain consistent throughout a race. JConcepts introduces the servo mount bracket for the B6 | B6D vehicles. Constructed of billet aluminum and available in either blue or black colors, this unique part offers benefits over the stock mount configuration.


B6.1 | B6.1D Laydown/Layback Honeycomb Motor Plate – #2408

Having available option parts for a popular vehicle makes the hobby just that much more fun and interesting. JConcepts has rolled out a sweet looking replacement motor plate for the B6.1 | B6.1D | T6.1 | SC6.1 vehicle line-up with laydown and layback 3-gear transmission. With the evolution of race tracks, high flying jumps are becoming the normal obstacle. It’s inevitable that a driver will have a miscue and challenge the durability of the vehicle. Your racing friends over at JConcepts have taken a lot into consideration while designing and developing a replacement motor plate.


Gullwing CF Front Shock Tower – #2405

Racers have asked and JConcepts has delivered on a Carbon Fiber front shock tower option for the popular Team Associated B6.1 | B6.1D vehicles. The 4mm thickness, genuine Carbon Fiber material is durable, light-weight and features the JConcepts milled sections which help maintain strength while minimizing weight. The 3 standard (B6.1) shock positions remain for quick and steady adjustments in the correct position for the gullwing front shock geometry. The tower features the JConcepts treatment of a milled logo on the surface of the exotic material. The tower is complete with countersunk holes on the top surface to accept the stock mounting hardware.

*Note – the plastic front shock tower guard from Team Associated does not fit on the JConcepts tower. 


Swing Battery Retainer – #2604

Perhaps the most asked about item we’ve had in a while, the JConcepts Swing Operated Battery Retainer System has finally cleared the prototype stages and ready to hit the market. Combined with lightweight machined aluminum and carbon fiber, the Swing Battery System is an original design masterpiece. Not only is it a minimalist in design, but also a very low profile, low maintenance system that’s easy to operate while securely holding your battery in place. Find out more once the product is soon officially released!