At the Track

JConcepts Announced as Spec Tire for Scotty Ernst’s 2018 IOCC

Last year, when we were asked to be a part of Scotty Ernst’s vision of creating the biggest carpet offroad race in the world located in Las Vegas, we were beyond ecstatic. A year later, we’re excited to be back on board to continue the quest of making the IOCC better than ever and will once again be the IOCC spec tire.

With the JConcepts Swaggers and Pin Downs selected as the spec tire for the event, we already know that grip and tire wear are non-issues as they performed extremely well last year. The JConcepts Swagger spec front tires on Fasttrack II black carpet effortlessly carves with a smooth steering feel that’s comfortable and easy to drive. The Pin Down spec rear tires are locked into the carpet providing ridiculous forward grip and monster acceleration carrying maximum speed into corners. With surprisingly low tire wear and easy glue and go setup, you can leave the tire voodoo at home and enjoy more time on the track and in Vegas.

Dates are set for November 21st – 25th and get signed up at