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JConcepts Super Cup Championship Series – 2018 Fall Session Race 2

The Super Cup Series made it’s way to the coast for race 2. Hosted by Beachline Raceway in Cocoa, Florida we had another great turnout and some great racing. The indoor turf track kept a roof over our heads and a consistent surface all day long.

After a successful round 1 hosted by SS Hobbies it was another great turnout with 166 entries for the one day event. Our most popular classes still seem to be the Independent classes where all drivers are running the same control tire. This helps the Independent racer in tire choice and helps reduce the costs of racing.

Race 3 will head south to the Ft Lauderdale area and will be hosted by Mills Pond, looking forward to an outdoor event. Don’t miss out, practice will be Friday October 12th and racing will be Saturday October 13th, visit or the Series Facebook page for any last minute announcements.

Check out a few photos from race 2 HERE and the results can be found HERE.

The AMains kicked off with our Novice Open class. A full 10 car heat of 2wd buggies mixed in with short course and trucks gives our new racers a chance to learn the ropes and build confidence on the track. In the 4 minute main it would be Camden Cason taking the win after a nice battle with 2nd place finisher and Top Qualifier Les Lopez. Michael Compton would round out the podium in 3rd.

Next up would be our Independent Stock Truck class. With two heats of qualifying, the A Main was a great race. Brian Miller and Scott Setzer would bump up from the B Main. Super Cup veteran, Tracey Proctor would set TQ and go on to take the win in the 5 minute main. Another Super Cup regular, Jeff Lynn would take the 2nd spot on the podium followed by Scott Herman in third. All drivers were running the JConcepts Swaggers and Pin Down control tires.

Continuing the Independent classes we had Independent Stock Short Course next. All drivers were on the JConcepts Swaggers and Pin Downs as well for the control tire. With one heat of qualifying it would be Tracey Proctor as our Top Qualifier, Tracey would go on to win the 5 minute A Main. Clayton Jett would finish less than 4 seconds behind in 2nd followed by Brian Miller in 3rd.

2wd Expert Stock Buggy would be up next, another popular class with three full heats of qualifying. Kenny Setser and Alferdo Morales would bump out of the C Main and Nathan Wyatt and Scott White would finish one/two bumping themselves into the A Main. Aj Marasco would be our Top Qualifier for the day, AJ would go on to win the A Main followed very closely by David Ramos in second. Ryan Harris would round out the podium taking 3rd.

Our seasoned racers would be up next in 40+ 2wd Open Buggy. With one full heat of racers it would be John Pricket taking the Top Qualifier spot during qualifying. Jabin Carlton who had qualified 5th overall would put in a great run taking the overall win in the A Main. John Pricket would finish 2nd and Clay Hunter would finish in third.

A new class for 2018, 13.5 Stadium Truck, would have two heats of qualifying. In the B Main it would be Allen Crouse and Rick Jacobs taking the bump spots into the A. Billy Bruce would be our Top Qualifier for the day, Billy would go on to win the A Main followed by David Iler in 2nd and Scott White in 3rd.

Our biggest class of the day would be 2wd Independent Stock Buggy with four heats of qualifiers. Dalton Hashbarger would dominate qualifying, taking the TQ spot and finishing with a win in the A Main. Mike Hurt and Sean Leonards would bump up to the C Main, Sean would go on to bump his way to the B Main along with Pat Herman. In the B it would be Randy Braden and Scott Herman taking the one/two spots bumping up to the A Main. Clay Hunter would finish 2nd behind Dalton and Aj Zale would round out the podium in 3rd.

Our 2wd Modified drivers would be up next. After a three car B Main where an unfortunate break sent Kiarra Hold home early leaving Kevin Abbott and Janos Lazar with the bumps to the A. Our Top Qualifier Jr Mitch would have a tough time in the A Main finishing in 5th overall. Lee Setser would end up taking the win followed closely by David Ramos and Peter Loncsar would finish in 3rd.

Another popular class this year, 13.5 4wd Buggy would have three heats of qualifying. In the C Main it would be Rebecca Tech with an impressive run bumping up to the B Main with Mike Hurt taking the second bump spot. Rebecca Tech would put in another great run, winning the B Main with Ryan Davis taking the second bump spot to the A. The Top Qualifier of the day would be Ryan Harris, Ryan would go on and take the overall victory with Ryan Casteline finishing in 2nd followed by Jayden Oxendine in 3rd.

Our final race of the day would be our 4wd Modified Buggy class. With only one full heat of drivers, we would see Lee Setser take the overall TQ. Jr Mitch would qualify 2nd overall and it would be a great battle between Lee and JR throughout the entire 5 minute A Main. JR would go on to win the top spot on the podium followed closely by Lee in 2nd and Peter Loncsar would finish up in 3rd.

Don’t miss Race 3 hosted by Mills Pond on October 13th and thanks again to all the drivers who continue to support the series. Let’s Race!