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Lee Setser Doubles Down at Race 3 of the JConcepts Fall Super Cup!

Race 3 of the Fall Super Cup Championship Series traveled to one of Florida’s best-kept secrets, Mills Pond R/C Raceway over the weekend and had a blast! With origins dating back to the 1980’s, Mills Pond has been around for quite some time and after 30+ years of operation, has matured like fine wine and has to be considered one of Florida’s best tracks…. period.

As the date approached Race 3 of the Fall Super Cup Championship Series, the excitement on social media was buzzing as Florida’s fastest 1/10th drivers were about to converge at one track for some epic racing. As you already know, it’s always amazing to see a great track paired with talented drivers as its a guaranteed battle for the ages.

Ever since Alfredo Morales has taken over the track duties at Mills Pond R/C Raceway, we’ve seen an elevation in track prep, maintenance, and overall enthusiasm. If you’ve never been in charge of a track, it takes an extremely dedicated person and his small crew to devote time, love, and energy to get a track in tip-top shape like Mills Pond.

Located in South Florida where the rain can hit at any time, really tests the Mills Pond track crew and during race 3, Alfredo and his crew really put forth the effort to make sure the track was in the best condition possible and it was. Mission accomplished!

The layout was fun. Mills Pond is more like a 1/8th track than it is 1/10th, but works both ways. The track was high speed and the jumps were definitely challenging as the grip level was always changing throughout the day. The huge triple in the middle required a perfect setup and a clean run to clear consistently. The switchbacks and off-cambers really tested racers’ timing and calculated car placement while carrying speed. By late afternoon on Saturday, the track was hooked up and the racing absolutely exceptional.

If you missed the racing, here’s the video of the A-Main of 2wd, 13.5 4wd, and 4wd Modified finals.

2wd and 4wd Modified A-Mains from Race 3 of the Super Cup! #gojconcepts

Posted by JConcepts Inc on Saturday, October 13, 2018


2wd Modified

Over the past few seasons, Florida has started to see the changing of the guard, as the younger generation of drivers are really starting to mature into their own. A prime example is AE/JConcepts’ Lee Setser, who set the tone early by scoring the overall TQ and carried that momentum into the main where Lee was able to perform a mistake-free run to grab a confidence-inspiring win in 2wd Modified. AE/JConcepts’ Jackson Brunson didn’t get off to the best start in the main, but with a hard charge late in the race was able to pass Jason Ruona for 2nd on the final lap. JConcepts’ Jason Ruona showed great speed and composure and finished 3rd on the podium showing he’s still got it after months of no activity.


4wd Modified

It was another great race for Lee Setser in the 4wd Modified main as Lee started 2nd and quickly found his way around TQ, Jason Ruona early in the race. This gave Lee the wings to fly, but a late mistake on the triple saw Jason jump back into the lead and Lee the one that has to play chaser. With the gap closing, the triple jump decided the outcome of the race with Jason making the mistake and Lee moving back into the lead. The race finished with Lee taking the win, Jason 2nd, and Luis Perez 3rd overall.


13.5 4wd Buggy

JConcepts’ Jader Lopez was on fire during the 5-minute single A-Main as Jader moved into the lead and checked out with relative ease as 2nd and 3rd place rallied for position. Xray’s Daniel Chavel and Yokomo’s Alfredo Morales swapped positions back and forth putting on a great show of skills and sportsmanship. After 5 minutes, the separation was only 1 second as Daniel edged out Alfredo for 2nd as Alfredo finished 3rd.


17.5 2wd Stock Buggy

AE/JConcepts’ AJ Marasco turned on the juice during the 5 minute main in 17.5 Stock Buggy with some excellent driving and intelligence. Not having to push so hard, AJ minimized mistakes to clear himself from his competition and grabbed the win. Scott White put in a fine drive to stay ahead of a hard-charging youngster, Joshua Alfaro, as Alfaro was pushing hard to reclaim his 2nd spot from Scott. Ultimately it was Scotty finishing 3 seconds ahead of Joshua for 2nd.


4×4 Open Truck

The exhibition 4×4 Open Truck class saw local fast guy, Robert Romano, take a convincing win while doing perfect backflips all weekend long. Alex Maclellan wrapped up 2nd and Joseph Misek finished 3rd.


13.5 Stadium Truck

Taking top honors in the 13.5 Stadium Truck class over the weekend was Reuban Diaz. Reuban was calculated and showed great composure with a strong TQ effort and 8 seconds spread in the main. Runner-up was Scott White, who also had terrific moments of brilliance, but unable to match Reuban’s pace on this day. Closing out the top 3 was Mark Croxford.


Independent 2wd Stock Buggy

What a race! The Independent 2wd class saw an exciting race for the win as Tracey Proctor, Dalton Hashbarger, and Clayton Jett all battled for the entire 5 minutes. Taking the back and forth battle was Tracey Proctor, who had some clutch racing in the closing minutes. TQ and momentary race leader, Dalton Hashbarger, was able to reclaim 2nd on the final lap while battling nose to tail with Clayton as Clayton finished on the box in 3rd.


Independent 17.5 Stock Truck

Another great race in the Independent 17.5 Stock Truck class as Tracey Proctor grabbed another win with some smart driving. Clayton Jett put in a great effort and finished 2nd with Brian Miller pushing hard to bring it within .7 second of Clayton for 3rd.


Independent Stock Short Course

Denying Tracey Proctor of a perfect 3 for 3 day in the Indy class was Clayton Jett as Clayton jumped up from his 3rd place start to finish 1st on the podium. Jeff Lynn and Brian Miller put on a show with Jeff getting the best of Brian on the last lap for 2nd and Brian 3rd overall.