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Inside Look – JConcepts Rear Wing Options

With the release of the new JConcepts High Clearance Wing that debuted at the 2018 Turf Nationals, JConcepts now effectively has 3 rear wings to choose from. It’s nice to have options as rear wings can significantly change the way your car feels going around the track, but having options can also make things a little confusing and more difficult to know which wing is best suited for your needs. So here’s a quick rundown on the 3 different type of rear wings JConcepts currently offers and a quick description of the wings to help you decide which one is right wing for your needs.

The JConcepts Aero Wing – The classic Aero Wing set the standard for JConcepts giving us our most popular wing design to date when it launched a few years ago. It featured simple yet innovative design elements like the integrated rear step-gurney lip for extra downforce along with a front leading edge that drops below the mounting point for extra wind scoop. Chopped corners provide the wing with more durability and with large raised side dams gives the rear wheels travel room for easy clearance in most situations.

Overall the Classic Aero wing still gets the job done and best used in all conditions. If there’s one wing for the job this is probably it as it produces good downforce that you can tailor depending on how high you choose to leave the rear gurney. The classic Aero wing is a good all-rounder and can be cut and made to fit a variety of track conditions.

Aero Wing is available for:

Team Associated Cars – Standard Aero Wing #0168, Short Cord #0169

Yokomo Cars – #0170

Xray Cars – #0171

TLR Cars – #0154


Aero S-Type – Coined as the Next Generation rear wing, the Aero S-Type was built around the already popular and successful classic Aero Wing, but added the industry first extended rear gurney lip (see above, right picture). This allowed the wing to produce extra rear downforce for maximum grip on slippery surfaces. Also, we added vertical ribbing to the S-Type to give more gurney support as well as dimple marks for customizing airflow if needed. This highly customizable feature gives the S-Type a tunable highlight rarely seen on 1/10th scale wings.

The S-Type wing is perfect for racers looking for the ultimate downforce from a rear wing. The extended gurney flap cups more air producing more rear-end grip giving you that locked in feel. If you’re set up looking for more traction, the S-Type is a great option for those looking to add more grip to the rear of the car.

Aero Wing is available for:

Team Associated Cars – #0173

Yokomo Cars – #0178

HB Cars – #0194

TLR Cars – #0193

Tekno EB410 – #0188


High Clearance Wing – After running the S-Type Aero wing and classic Aero Wing with great results, we’ve come to find that there were certain situations that require less rear downforce. By having less rear downforce you produce less rear grip and in turn, make more corner speed and thus the High Clearance Wing was born. Already a racer favorite based on aggressive looks alone, the HC Wing is built on a short cord base which moves the wing forward for more rotation while still feeling ultra stable at higher speeds. The HC Wing also has the best tire clearance of the 3 wings making it ideal for maximum G’s in corners at super slammed ride heights. The rear gurney lip is customizable allowing the racer to tailor their downforce as needed. Speed ribs are incorporated into the base to add structural stiffness and shape holding rigidity. With chopped corners to reduce corner cracks, the HC Wing is primed for the big time.

The HC wing is best used when you aren’t lacking rear grip like when running slicks or when racing on carpet or astroturf. With it’s short cord base, “Pro Style” rake angle (near 0-degree angle with wing shim set to less angle), and adjustable gurney really makes for one slick wing. Most of the team drivers love the look of the HC wing and its simplicity. We’ve found it’s best used in medium to high traction conditions that require less rear downforce. It’s also nice not having to cut the wings funky so the wing doesn’t BUZZ when the tires touch.

High Clearance Wing is available for:

#0197 – High Clearance Wing

**The HC Wing was designed for a Pro Fit giving you cut lines but is not pre-dimpled. This allows you to position the wing in any manner you chose (forward, middle, back etc.) and will work on a variety of cars. Cut the wing out, mark the holes, and ream accordingly.


One of the silent secrets on the JConcepts team is the Center Wing Dividers. These little gems are quick add-ons and made specifically to pair with the classic Aero and Aero S-Type wings to further tune the feel and performance of the wings. While they are pre-dimpled for easy installs, they can be hand marked and used on a variety of wings. Adding to the versatility, a few cutlines are marked for different heights giving the Center Wing Dividers a unique, custom feature.

The advantages can be really felt in long, high-speed sweepers making it feel smoother and allowing the rear to remain flatter through the turn giving you more on-power drive out of the turns. CWD’s are also known to make it easier going downs steps by keeping the car flatter as the car takes the drop. Also, some team drivers have mentioned that they like the feeling of how the car feels more predictable through the air. Perhaps the best thing about the CWD’s is if you have one cut out and in your pit box, you can always put them on and take them off quickly to see if you prefer a CWD for the track layout.

Center Wing Divider for classic Aero Rear Wing – #0180

Center Wing Divider for Aero S-Type Rear Wing – #0182