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2019 Reedy Offroad Race of Champions Race Memories

There’s something magical about the Reedy Race of Champions. Sure it’s located at one of the finest 1/10th indoor tracks in America. Yes, it’s got some crazy international competition and yah… it’s filled with world champions, national champions, and even future champions, but what’s really special about this race is that it celebrates an influential man who has forever changed this hobby…. Mike Reedy. Check out the 2019 Heritage video to really get the feel of what this race is all about.

This gathering of the best racers from around the world was his wish and it was the way he wanted to celebrate his birthday. Now, it’s become the hardest race to win.

The energy was high from day 1 as it always is at the Reedy. Lines formed every morning to enter the building right when the track opened as many wanted to get on the track as soon as possible. The only way to race in the Open class at the Reedy is to actually enter the lottery and cross your fingers. It’s not a race you can just go to and be a part of. There’s a waiting list that goes on forever and once in, it’s a race unlike any other.

Pit walking and talking

Posted by JConcepts Inc on Thursday, January 24, 2019

Check out the early Pit Walk as you can catch some of the buzz and excitment of the Reedy!!

The Reedy layout isn’t made to be easy, but to be challenging while providing a great racing circuit for the spectators and in that aspect, provided some of the best racing action for the year. It’s not often you see a full-length straightaway at OCRC, but when you do, expect to see some drama going into the first turn. The small doubles leading up to the elevated 180 was undersized requiring trigger control to not overshoot. Blast down the steps and next up were the rhythm doubles which were actually more difficult than they appeared because of the slight bend. Without a doubt, the hardest part of the track was the step on, step off triple. Not easy to set up and execute perfectly and each lap made you pucker as the price you paid was not just a damaged car, but ego, confidence, and grid position. Overall, when the grip came up, the track was a lot of fun and made for an excellent show bringing out the ‘oooooh’ and ‘aaaaahs’ from the audience at hand. Amazing job by the OCRC crew and Team Associated’s Brent Thielke for the track layout and design!

After 25 years, the Reedy Race is just as important as it was from day 1. This race encapsulates what is so beautiful and true to RC racing. The comradery amongst racers and friends from all over the world because of our common unique bond of RC cars is absolutely unreal. Indeed, the race is held in high regards and the competitors carry high expectations for themselves, but at the end of the day, the experience and memories are ones that last a lifetime. The 2019 Reedy Race saw the most competitive field in many years and looks like the event will carry on the tradition as originally intended by Mike Reedy.

15 and Under 2wd Open A-Main

The 15 and Under Class┬áis always a great race as it highlights the up and coming talent at a race full of it. This gives the industry a quick glimpse into the future and for those who are able to shine here, the future looks bright. Staying smooth and minimizing his mistakes, TLR/JConcepts’ Kaden Fuller put in a killer performance and delivered an impeccable last half of the 10 minute main to take the lead from AE/JConcepts’ Mason Neubert and crossed the line as the 15U Reedy Champion. Wisconsin’s own Mason Neubert turned heads with his fast, aggressive style and finished the weekend in 2nd. Also, joining the JConcepts team for 2019, Braxten Culley continues to impress as he was able to land himself 3rd on the podium.


Pro and Joes Challenge Race

The Pro and Joes Challenge was all about fun. The race was intended to give anyone that volunteered or a huge help at the track a chance to drive a “Pro’s” 4wd in a special race. With a name like Rick Howart in the mix, he was going to be hard to beat no matter what car he chose. In the end, Rick won the race with Ryan Maifield’s Yokomo YZ-4 SF and in many instances, looked like the double World Champion out there. Congrats to Rick and Yokomo.


2wd Open

There were some amazing highlights in the 2wd Open class, but none more impressive than Xray’s Tommy Hinz taking the overall TQ and capping off a flawless A1 victory for Hinz. With the pressure upon his competitors to challenge in A2, AE’s Ron Devoll caught a break when Hinz made a mistake that gave Devoll the lead and from there, Devoll checked out to win A2. The battle came down to Hinz, Jake Mayo, and TLR/JConcepts’ Mason Fuller as Fuller had a 2nd place finish in A1 and still in contention for the overall. Unfortunate for Fuller, with an early incident on lap 2, Mason had a lot of ground to make up and after 10 minutes, clawed his way back to 4th. With Devoll winning A2, Tommy Hinz won the overall by 1 point over Ron Devoll and Mighty Mason Fuller finished 3rd on the podium.


4wd Open

It was a great race for AE’s Ron Devoll in the 4wd Open class as the 2nd place qualifier brought it all together in the mains to take an impressive win in A1 and in A2 to seel up the 4wd Open title. Xray’s Tommy Hinz was able to land both podiums and finished in 2nd place overall. In a two-way tie-breaker with AE/JConcepts’ Blake Champlin and Austin Horne, both drivers finished equal in points, though Horne won by tie-breaker to finish 3rd.



The invitational race is never easy. It’s basically 12 races with the best drivers in the world going head to head with random starting spots meaning each race is different. In the end, Tekno’s Jared Tebo was in a 4-way tie for the lead after 4wd, but as the race progressed Jared delivered the runs he needed to end the event with 18 points to win his 1st ever Reedy Race of Champions. Yokomo’s Ryan Maifield had an up and down 4wd portion, but really turned up the heat in 2wd with four wins and two 2nd place finishes to end up 2nd overall. Up until the last 2wd run of the event, AE/JConcepts’ Spencer Rivkin was mathematically one of two drivers that were still in contention for the overall. With a win in Round 6 and if Tebo finished lower than 3rd, Spencer would have won the title, but a dead last random grid start made it extremely hard for the 2015 WC to fight his way past everyone in 5 minutes. After the dust settled, Spencer finished 3rd overall making in twice in 2 years.

Thanks to all that make the Reedy Race possible. It’s not just a race, but an event to remember one of the greatest influences we’ve ever had in RC. He helped many become who they are today and someone that has impacted the hobby more than we will ever know. Thank you Mike Reedy and Happy Birthday.