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Inside Look – Street Eliminator Concept AE Edition

One of the best things about the Street Eliminator Concept class is that it really brings out the gearhead AND hobbyist in everyone. Since there are no kits available to buy at the hobby shops directly means if you want to get in on the lightning speeds and fast action fun, you have to build your own car and that’s going to take a bit of imagination, creativity, and execution. YES!!

JConcepts first explored the Steet Eliminator Concept idea a few years ago when Fred Reep and JD Crow decided to develop a drag car to showcase the Chevy Nova II body for the 2017 Super Nationals at Texas Motor Speedway. The original idea was based upon a Traxxas Slash 2wd truck converted into a super deadly drag racer using as many stock Traxxax components as possible. This included Bandit suspension arms and Traxxas upgraded Big Bore performance shocks for more durability. Needless to say, the interest and popularity of the Street Eliminator platform skyrocketed and now die-hard drag fans are making huge requests for their favorite bodies and drag accessories. For our build, we went with our latest Street Eliminator body, the 67 Chevy Chevelle!! 

We wanted to dive in with the latest and greatest from Team Associated and since they released the SC6.1 short course truck, we were able to have a bit of fun by creating our own 2wd Street Eliminator. There are two simple ways to create your own Street Eliminator Concept and that’s by taking a short course truck and adding a lot of 2wd parts to it to convert over or take a 2wd buggy and add an SCT chassis and body mounts. The later is method is easier and the cheaper way to do it with a Team Associated based car. Since we had a standard B6.1 laying around, the project was easy.

The front of the AE Street Eliminator Concept actually looks and acts very much like a standard B6 or B6.1 2wd front end. Everything at the front is actually stock besides the body mounting system, which is straight from the SC6.1, and attached to the front shock tower without any modifications. The outside hole on the tower connects with the inside hole on the SC6.1 body mount and the rest is a breeze.

As we look at the center of the AE Street Eliminator, it really looks like your basic short course truck. The nice thing about the AE setup is that its a full on race machine and every little hop up or upgrade made for the Team Associated 6 series cars will most likely work so the upgrade path is practically limitless.

The rear of the Street Eliminator is also looking very standard besides a unique carbon fiber rear shock tower and short rear shocks (more on this below). The rear tower is actually a JConcepts prototype shock tower that uses the SC6.1 rear body mount and gives you the ability to effectively use front shocks in the rear and significantly reduce up and down travel. We don’t plan on jumping this thing so the long travel plush shocks got to go.

For those who have B6’s sitting around somewhere in the garage because it was replaced by a B6.1, this is a perfect opportunity to turn a car that isn’t being used into something totally new and fun with not much money (SC5M conversion?). As you can see, the 6 Series front end wasn’t modified in any way. It just has the front body mount attached to the front JConcepts Carbon Fiber Gullwing Front Tower giving it the unique JC style and look.

One of the hottest accessories we’ve developed for the Team Associated is the B6 series Fin Titanium Turnbuckles. These head turners are a worldwide hit and can be found on countless pro cars and trucks. The JConcepts Fin turnbuckles have the unique machined ‘fin’ look that stands out from the rest and are made in the USA from grade 5 titanium.

We call this accessory the Pro’s Choice as it seems to be a very hot item used by pros even if they’re not JConcepts team drivers. The JConcepts Aluminum Servo Mount Bracket not only looks good but locks in the servo with pinch bolts from both sides so when the servo is installed, the pinch bolts give an extra layer of protection of precision and reliable steering feel.

The JConcepts shock package isn’t just bling, its awesome aesthetics that’s practical. The knurled sides of the Fin V2 Shock Caps give extra grip when opening or closing the shock cap for maintenance. The Fin Shock Collars have the same knurled texture, but also have indicators machined into the collars so you can count 1/2 turns or full turns with ease. Finally, to finish off the JConcepts shock set, the Fin VCS Shock Bottom Caps adds a nice touch for pro looks and functionality. All JConcepts shock parts are available in blue or black anodizing as well as proper o-rings for an airtight seal.

Perhaps the most understated accessory we have are the JConcepts Fin Titanium Shock Stand-offs. Most people don’t know we make these and when they do, they’re stoked to add them to their cars as they’re lightweight, super durable, and so dialed with a replaceable Delrin shock bushings to keep things tight. The Fin Ti Standoffs come in a long version for the rear and a short version for the front shocks making it a perfect fit for the Team Associated 6 series cars.

So here’s the unique prototype CF Rear Shock tower made specifically for our Street Eliminator concept. This prototype tower is spaced to hold the rear SC6.1 body mount posts so you’re able to mount a Street Eliminator body without any issues. As you can see, it easily fits the 6 series cars and allows you to run front AE shocks on the rear with significantly reduced travel to better fit bodies and a lower center gravity. The rear tower will be available in the near future.

When AE went to the B6.1 platform, we needed to update our 6 Series Rear Ballstud Mount and this one is definitely strong and looks great with chamfered highlights. Again, this part is available in anodized blue or black giving you a personal touch to tailor your accessories with your ride.

There are countless ways to secure your lipo battery to the car these days, but none more trick than the JConcepts Swing Battery Retainer Set for the 6 Series cars. This unit changed the game on battery hold down as many companies looked to create their own version mirroring its looks and functionality. Easy to use, lightweight, and extremely dialed looking, JConcepts gives you the latest on battery hold down with the original Swing Battery Retainer.

If you still have a B6, then this is your option, but if you’re using a B6.1 transmission then the 3-Gear Laydown|Layback Transmission Motor Plate is more your speed. This lightweight design is 3mm in thickness and precision machined taking out weight while adding chamfer highlights for even more bling. Once again, choose from blue or black anodizing to better match your scheme.

One of the last pieces of the puzzle is the JConcepts SC6.1 Chassis Protector. More than likely, we’re not going to suffer too many chassis scratches, but you never know what’s going to happen on the streets and since this build was new, we wanted to keep it looking fresh. The special bonus is that the JConcepts chassis protector is made specifically for the SC6.1, but the reusable adhesive allows you to peel and restick the chassis protector many times!

We can’t thank Reedy enough for the awesome electronics that sit in this hot rod. The formidable Reedy 510R Black Box ESC has winning countless club races and big race wins around the world under the likes of Spencer Rivkin, Dustin Evans, and Joona Haatanen. From Nationals 2wd title, Reedy Invite title, and EOS wins in Europe, the 510R is a world-class competition ESC no doubt.

Since the move to Silicon Graphene, the Zapper packs have been a racer’s favorite. Easy to use, consistent, and great power delivery, the Zappers are a no-brainer to the equation and the 5800 mAH pack was borrowed from our race car, but hey it’s still an awesome battery!

Reedy’s  Sonic+ motors have been a hit since they were released as many felt it was a huge improvement over the standard Reedy Sonic brushless motors. Smoother power delivery with more top-end and better heat management? Most definitely yes, please.

Finally, we get down to the core of the Street Eliminator Concept. The drag radials. As of now, the JConcepts Hotties Tires are available in 2 compounds, the supersoft green, and a harder gold compound. Since the rules haven’t really been structured in the Street Eliminator class, you’re going to have to check out the underground race scene to see which will suit you better. But this again is the beauty of the Street Eliminator Concept and that it’s hands-on, being shaped as we speak, and new!

Theoretically, any front tire will work since you really won’t need them for steering, but to complete the look and keep it real, the Hotties front tires fit as a normal 2.2″ front tire would and glue up in the same manner.

We wanted to develop a set of wheels specifically for the JConcepts Hotties and thus the Startec wheels were born. This is a ground up front and rear wheelset that’s made from durable materials, one-piece design, lightweight wheels with a matte black finish. They’re the ultimate street weapon wheels for full-blown muscle cars to super sleepers.

To get all this power to the ground without doing backflips from the starting line, we had to devise our own Wheelie Bar Rail system. Built to fit the stock SC6.1 rear bumper, the JConcepts SC6.1 Carbon Fiber Wheelie Bar Rails will be available shortly. With the Wheelie Bar Rails system, you’ll be able to keep the nose down and the throttle pinned for maximum performance and speed.

To complete the Wheelie Bar system, we need a few parts, but here’s a first look at the prototype. The main difference is the finished version will consist of a few nicely machined, aluminum parts including the 5 standoffs, bearing support, and bearing race support for ultimate durability while keeping weight to a minimum. For those who want to add a little more realism to their wheelie bar, the 3D printed net will be available for purchase from the JConcepts Shapeways store shortly.

The other main piece required to complete the wheelie bar is the Wheelie Bar Rail Support Mount. This 3D printed piece unifies the carbon fiber rail system to the SC6.1 bumper and chassis.  For those who are craving for more info will have to sit tight until the official release of the JConcepts Wheelie Bar Rail system is announced! As for now, thanks for reading now go out there and burn up some rubber!

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