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JConcepts Updated Body Options for TLR 22 5.0 Buggy

After the release of the highly anticipated TLR 22 5.0 2wd buggy, there was a lot of requests for JConcepts to re-release the S2 and F2 bodies but made specifically for the brand new 5.0 platform. Although there was a slight difference between the 4.0 and 5.0 chassis shapes, we wanted to outfit the new car so the bodies would fit perfectly showcasing the fit and finish JConcepts is well known for.

Some might find it odd that we didn’t just go straight to releasing the P2 or P2K for the 22 5.0, but the main reason is that the S2 and F2 bodies have long histories and a rich winning tradition. Both bodies are proven on the real racing scene and have collected countless wins all over the world. We felt that we couldn’t just pass on these two awesome body styles for the newest 2wd by Team Losi. If anything, you now have 2 more body options, including the stock body by TLR.

Despite having been out for nearly 4 years, there’s still a lot of confusion between which body to run and why (especially if you don’t have the bodies to run back to back). Longtime TLR and JConcepts team driver, JR Mitch has been rocking the S2 and F2 bodies since they’ve been released for the platform so if anyone on the TLR team has a lot of experience and advice on the S2 and F2, it would be JR Mitch. Here’s what he had to say about the S2 body and F2 body on his 5.0.

JR Mitch, “I think the S2 has the most overall steering between the two bodies. I feel the S2 is good for carpet as grip is at its highest and the S2 gives more steering that may be required.”

The S2 (Silencer 2) made it’s official debut at the 2015 IFMAR World Championships at Yatabe Arena in Japan. The body was part of Spencer Rivkin’s winning B5M package and later updated to fit the B6 series cars. The design is focused on sleek, corner speed caring aerodynamics that features an aggressive forward cab marked distinctively with a sharply slanted front window for steering. However, the cab is set low and out of the air for less turbulence and a more streamlined effect.

JR Mitch, “To me, the F2 has the more consistent feel on all surfaces. On dirt, it gives the additional rear grip and balance feel most drivers are looking for.”

When the F2 released, it took the world by storm. Praised for its natural good looks and super neutral feel, the F2 has racked up wins from club level all the way to the World stage as it won the 2017 IFMAR World Championships in Xiamen, China behind the hands of Ryan Maifield. Many classify the F2 as a dirt specific body, but it has also won a lot of carpet and turf races such as the Turf Nationals and International Offroad Carpet Championships or IOCC.

With the F2 and S2, the main deciding factor on which body to run really comes down to your driving style and which one you think looks the best. There are few like that like to muscle the car and work the steering and throttle a lot to compensate for the car. Others like to have the car do most of the work allowing them to drive with more precision and accuracy. Finally, both styles are fast, but for those who like to muscle the car, the F2 seems to be the popular choice. For those who like precision and little steering wheel input, try the S2 because it can make the driving style easier. Either way, it’s a win-win situation.

What’s your favorite?

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