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Inside Look – JConcepts RC10 EGT Racing Truck

As a country that’s always been in love with trucks, the RC10T stadium truck was a huge success for Team Associated back in the early 90’s and when the big AE made a gas version dubbed the RC10GT, truck popularity was through the roof. However, despite celebrating many years at the top of many Christmas lists, the gas truck popularity slowly faded away once 1/8th scale nitro cars hit the scene.

Now, with the JConcepts RC10 EGT Conversion Kit, we can bring back the glory of this classic, unique platform, but add a modern electric twist. The idea of merging two completely different worlds was intriguing to us and to create something totally new based on a classic was basically a dream come true. To be honest, we were genuinely curious to know if the platform could keep up with the latest designs and what would it be like to drive a fully built RC10 EGT race truck? A few months later, the EGT conversion kit was born.

Taking it to the next level and to put all the questions to bed, we went and raced the truck and at a JConcepts Super Tour Event #1. Amazingly enough, everything passed with flying colors thanks to AJ Marasco and his crafty driving. Have a look at the video and check out the grip this thing produces.

Here’s the build, thanks for view and enjoy.

The first piece of the EGT conversion kit is the JConcepts Hi-Flow truck body that’s borrowed over from the T5M. By just moving the front body mount posts up with spacers, the body fits like a glove and looks awesome. For those who love the more tradition truck lines for RC bodies, you’ll love the Hi-Flow.

Here’s the overview of the truck with everything ready to go equipped with Reedy electronics and the mighty gold Octagons tires. The layout is quite unique to the truck as it sits off the centerline and vertically strapped it in place. Surprisingly, there was plenty of room for the rest of the electronics making the build look nice and professional.

Keeping things looking nice, neat and protected, we custom designed a 3D front bumper specifically for the EGT that looks factory and simple to use.

Another piece of the EGT conversion kit is the JConcepts carbon front RC10T tower. This tower mimics the Team Truck edition’s geometry and is made of 3mm robust carbon fiber. Having the carbon weave tower definitely gives the truck a high-performance touch.

We decided to go all out with this custom build by upgrading the shock package to the modern-day 12mm Kashima coated big bore shocks from AE. We gave them the JConcepts treatment by going with black anodized Fin V2 Shock Caps, Fin 12mm Shock Collars, and Fin VCS Shock bottom caps to further enhance the style and performance.

Completing the RC10 EGT‘s shock package, we couldn’t leave out the Fin Titanium Standoffs off the list. With replaceable Delrin bushings and short screw mounting system, these add a lot of bling as well as functionality. The front end fit best with the long titanium stand-offs while the rear really liked the short titanium stand-offs. Keep in mind, the standoffs were made to fit the Team Associated shocks so if you’re using the standard stock shocks, the standoffs will not fit.

Since the RC10 EGT was planned to race at the JConcepts Super Tour at NewRed Hobbies, the only tire to glue up was the gold compound Octagons. With very little break-in, the tires performed awesome and actually gave the truck a lot of rear grip. With tons of rear grip, it was really fun and extremely easy to drive on the tough surface according to AJ.

Since we’re switching the power source from nitro fuel to lipo battery, we had to design a battery hold down system since it was never intended for one. However, the goal here was to make an easy to operate battery hold-down system that worked well but also felt a little 90’s retro at the same time. Checkout the JConcepts designed 3D printed Battery Hold-Down from our Shapeways store to get further details.

To use the 3D printed battery hold-down strap, the EGT Conversion Kit also comes with custom machined battery posts that are spaced for the modern shorty lipo batteries. Machined chamfered edges highlight the black anodized aluminum pieces that match the machined aluminum motor plate.

2 other important pieces that come in the EGT Conversion Kit are EGT motor plate and EGT chassis brace that supports the motor plate to the chassis. This gives the truck the ability to bolt in any kind of 540 size brushless motor of your liking whether it be a 17.5T or a 5.5T. You choose!

At the rear of the RC10 EGT race truck, you’ll find our custom carbon fiber rear shock tower supporting the rear big bore shocks.

After building the JConcepts RC10 EGT race truck, you can definitely tell that the current fleet of stadium trucks took a few design cues from the good ol’ RC10GT. Now with the EGT conversion kit, you can unlock a whole new world to your classic favorites like the RC10GT and have even more fun. Imagination, creation, it’s all a part of why we love this hobby. If you have an RC10GT or EGT, we’d love to see them! Post up your trucks and thanks for reading.

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