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JConcepts Indoor Nationals Series 9 Champions!!

After 5 amazing events, the 9th season of the JConcepts Indoor National Series has come to an end and looking back, it was an epic RC journey. What makes the INS such a wonderful stage for 1/10th electric off-road are the selected tracks that make up the remarkable INS season. Not only are the track fun and exciting to race on, but the atmosphere at each location is also special and unique.

Winter Indoor Nationals 9 RECAP!!

The Winter Indoor Nationals was something special. It’s always one of the biggest races of the year despite being held in the dead of St. Louis’ winter. Cold outside, but nice inside is a welcomed theme here at Velocity RC as the crew put a huge effort in making the track and track layouts awesome for racers. Compared to some of the few other tracks on the schedule, the lanes are tight requiring a lot of steering and requiring the ability to hustle the car in tight areas. Ever since Velocity added more clay to the dirt, the grip has improved dramatically and adds to the unique flavor that Velocity RC brings.


Spring INS9 Race RECAP!!

Everyone raves about Tacoma. For those who are fortunate enough to visit and race at TRCR, all go home with a smiling face and happy memories. The clay at TRCR is really something special and throughout the weekend, the surface turns into a great racing arena inducing fun from all angles. The grip is plenty and the track layouts always seem to work out nicely making racing here…. just awesome. One of the key reason why TRCR has been around for so long is mainly because of racing legend, Scott Brown. He just knows what’s up.


Summer INS9 Race RECAP

There’s no place like it and some racers are fortunate enough to call this place home. When we first heard about plans to build Hobby Action, we were beyond excited as something told us…. it would be marvelous. Fast forward a few years and Hobby Action is now home to the JConcepts Summer INS. Yes, the facility is perhaps the nicest in the US and yes…. the location is practically unbeatable. But what makes Hobby Action so special is the competition that it attracts. Each Summer INS brings out some of the best racers in the US unlike any other track on the schedule. If you want to test yourself and see what you’re made of, this is the place to do it. Hands down.


Fall INS9 Race RECAP

When a spot opened up to add a new track to the INS schedule, choosing the RC Clubhouse was a no brainer. There’s just something special about this place that makes this track one of those “must attend” tracks. Visually, it’s one of the nicest tracks to drive on and it’s all in the fine details. Red painted walls, no RC racing banners to clutter up the vision. It’s 100% focused on racing and wow was it fun. The vibe was awesome and the hospitality was perfect making the Clubhouse a welcomed addition to the INS.


INS9 Finals – Beach RC

Each year, the INS Final race is so important to the overall results. It can make a break a series and with so much time and energy invested, it’s all on the line. Typically, if you have the series locked up early, you don’t attend the final races. Not so when it’s Beach RC, as this is possibly THE best east coast 1/10th track there is. The grip is great, but what makes Beach RC such an experience is the unique square shape that allows a different kind of layout that most aren’t used to. It’s so good!

We want to take the time to thank all of the racers over the course of 2019 that attended the JConcepts Indoor National Series. The positivity and support have been overwhelming making us want to keep elevating each race experience every year. After 9 years, we still love seeing the excitement and joy that racings brings and reminds us why we love racing so much. Cheers to a fantastic 2019 season and congrats to the overall finishers in each class on a job well done!

21.5 Independent Stock 2wd

1st Place – Lee Conley Jr.

13.5 Stadium Truck

1st Place – Adam Rayls (not Pictured above, but below)
2nd Place – Lee Conley Jr.


13.5 Short Course Truck

1st Place – Adam Rayls


17.5 2wd Stock Buggy

1st Place – Matt Cline


40+ 2wd Modified

1st Place – Brent Thielke (Not pictured)
2nd Place – Al Horne
3rd Place – Lee Conley Jr. (Not Pictured)

4×4 Mini Truggy

1st Place – Aydin Horne


2wd Modified 

1st Place – Spencer Rivkin
2nd Place – Ryan Maifield
3rd Place – JP Richards (after INS9 tie-breaker points fix)
4th place – Dustin Evans
5th Place – Cole Tollard
6th Place – Aydin Horne
7th Place – Brent Thielke
8th Place – Matt Cline
9th Place – Jackson Brunson
10th Place – Al Horne
11th Place – Adam Rayls


4wd Modified

1st Place – Ryan Maifield
2nd Place – Dustin Evans
3rd Place – Spencer Rivkin
4th place – JP Richards
5th Place – Cole Tollard
6th Place – Aydin Horne
7th Place – Jackson Brunson

It’s been a hard-fought year, but after it was all said and done, these two came out on top of the 2wd Modified and 4wd Modified classes. It’s been an incredible year for Spencer and Ryan and we’re glad their RC journey started here at JConcepts. So Much Respect! #gojconcepts #NationalChampions #WorldChampions

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