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Product Spotlight: Satellite Tire Rubber Bands

Released in 2013, the Satellite Tire Rubber Bands have stood the test of time as one of the best options for mounting your tires.

The versatility of these bands are unmatched since they can be used with 1/10 tires for 2wd/4wd buggies, stadium trucks, and short course trucks plus 1/8 tires for buggies and truggies too. And Crawler drivers will love them too since they will work with 1.9″ and 2.2″ tires as well! They are also compatible with the popular JConcepts Fling King and Rangers Monster Truck tires!

The pull back handles with a molded JC logo of authenticity will help you to apply the right amount of pressure when gluing your tires and they are currently available in five different color options:

2212-1 – Blue – MSRP $13.00
2212-2 – Black – MSRP $13.00
2212-6 – Orange – MSRP $14.00
2212-7 – Red – MSRP $14.00
2212-8 – Gray – MSRP $14.00

They are also available in a yellow color option under the Dirt Racing Products line too:

8115 – Yellow – MSRP $14.00

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