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Race Team Update – March 2020 Week #3

The 3rd week of March is in the books & the JConcepts race team had another successful weekend of racing! Here are some of their highlights in this week’s Race Team Update!

Fastlane Raceway in Blue Springs, MO held their 2020 March Mayhem trophy race with nearly 100 drivers in attendance. Some of the fastest Midwest drivers were competing so let’s check in on how the team performed!

Team driver David Alberico doubled-down with a TQ & win in both the Mod 2wd & 4wd classes! He reports that he was able to put down the fast laps with front Dirt Webs & rear Ellipses in 2wd & Ellipses all the way around in 4wd! He used the new Silver compound for all his treads!

Joining him on the Mod 2wd podium were fellow JC drivers Tony Leatherman (2nd) & Ken Peterson (3rd)!

Ken also reports that he TQed & won in the 13.5 4wd Buggy class as well. Both Tony & Ken said they used JConcepts Ellipses in the Silver compound on all of their vehicles!

JC driver Brandon Kearney competed once again in dirt oval at Highside RC Speedway in Algona, IA. He was able to TQ & win in the 360 Sprint Car class using the new 9 Shot wheels along with Silver compound Dirt Webs in the front & Ellipses in the rear!

Race Team Update – March 2020 Week #3

Over in Trafford, PA team driver Matt Stoltz attended the Horizon Hobby Monster Cross at TR Speedway. Stoltz took the TQ & win in the 2wd Tuff Truck class using a combination of Rangers 2.2″ tires in the Blue compound on white Midwest 2.2″ rims & a JConcepts 2011 Ford F-250 Super-Duty, SuperCab Mini MT Body. He was also able to snag another TQ & 2nd place finish in the Stage 4 Monster Truck class! In that class he used a combination of Renegades in the Gold compound on Tribute rims topped off with a JConcepts 1993 Ford F-250 SuperCab Monster Truck Body!

This week’s ‘Iron Man’ award goes out to team driver Sonny Santucci! He also competed at the Horizon Hobby Monster Cross in 5 different classes! He took home a TQ & win in the 2.2 Shafty class, another TQ & win in Stage 3 Clodbuster, 2nd in Stage 3 Shafty, another 2nd in Mega Truck & finally another win in the Open Modified class! He said he used a variety of JConcepts rubber in both Gold & Blue compounds & his trucks were hooked all weekend long!

Drew Spurgeon reports in on his success at the March Madness 2.0 race at FORC Raceway in Jonesboro, AR. He competed in the Stadium Truck class & was able to TQ & win while running Ellipse tires in the Silver compound. Great job Drew!

Also competing at that race was the father & son team of Calvin & Braden Bruce. Braden was able to TQ & win in the 13.5 4wd Buggy class using ghosted Dirt Webs in the front & ghosted Ellipses in the rear. Both tires were using the Gold compound. He would also start 2nd in the A Main for 17.5 2wd Buggy after 8 minutes he finished in 1st! He used the winning combination of Silver compound Dirt Webs in the front & Ellipses in the rear. In the Mod 4wd Buggy class he would just miss the podium finishing in 4th overall with the same tire combination that he used in the 13.5 class.

Meanwhile his dad Calvin was able to take the win in Mod 4wd Buggy using Silver compound Ellipses all the way around. Calvin would also land in 2nd place in Mod 2wd Buggy using the same tire combination & in the 1/8 Electric Buggy class he scored another 2nd while running on Dirt Webs. Awesome results from Team Bruce! He reports that his new Tekno EB410.2 was hooked thanks to Silver compound Ellipse tires, the F2 lightweight body & Aero S-Type rear wing.

More great results at this race from JC driver Izriah Osborne! He would qualify in 2nd 1/8 Electric Buggy & TQ the Mod 4wd Buggy class! In the Mod 4wd A Main an early bobble would send him to the back of the pack but the top qualifier showed his speed as he battled his way back up to finish strong in 2nd.

In the 1/8 Electric Buggy main he finished in 1st and put the entire field down a lap! His Tekno EB482.0 felt dialed with Gold compound Dirt Webs tires up front & Gold compound Ellipses in the rear. Nice results Izriah!

RC Excitement in Fitchburg, MA hosted the Supercross Showdown over the weekend. JConcepts driver Matt Perault competed in three classes: 2wd Mod Buggy, 4wd Mod Buggy & 40+ 2wd Mod Buggy. He would go on to finish 2nd in Mod 2wd Buggy, 3rd in mod 4wd Buggy & took the TQ & win in 40+ 2wd Mod Buggy! Perault said that on all of his rides he used JConcepts F2 bodies, Aero wings, Mono wheels, & Octagons in the Aqua compound!

Down in Tampa, FL team driver Jason Westfall competed at Round 4 of the SNAP HARD Racing League hosted by SS Hobbies & Raceway. He was able to capture 2nd place in the Mod Stadium Truck class using Ellipses in the Blue compound.

He also competed in the Mod 2wd Buggy class & finished a solid 3rd overall with teammate Lee Setser on top of the podium. Jason reports that he used Ellipses once again in the Blue compound. Way to go Jason!

Team driver Danny Smith raced last weekend at the Warehouse Hobby Raceway in Helena, AL. They ran a special club race which included some door prizes. Smith split time between racing & helping out as race director too. But when he did make time for the track he was a force to reckon with as he TQed & won in the 1/8 Nitro Buggy class! He reports that Teasers in the Green compound was the winning setup that weekend!

JC driver Joe Scaramell competed at 510 Raceway in Foley, MN for their Shamrock Showdown this past weekend. He competed in both the 13.5 & Mod 4wd Buggy classes & took 2nd place in 13.5 & the win in the modified class! He reports that his wheelers both used Silver compound Ellipse tires. Way to go Joe!

That wraps up another successful week by the JC crew! #gojconcepts

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