Ruona's notes from the road

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Am I tweeting yet? Hopefully a new social network does not become mainstream between now and main event day. You might miss the action. 🙂 I’m on the way to the Wave. Should be awesome once we arrive. 🙂 Sitting at Dallas Ft. Worth in a 2 hour delay coming from Florida. I really don’t […]

Excuse the Dust – We've made some Updates!

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We have made a few improvements to the blog – most of them aren’t visible to you guys – but they are pretty dialed for those of us that write these posts – we’ll now be bringing you more info than you could have ever imagined possible. Road trip stories, live race updates, streaming video […]

Ocala RC Club SlashTastic Event

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  The Ocala RC Car Club has been having some issues with their city goverment concerning construction of a new drivers stand – this past weekend they held a race as a fund raiser, JConcepts contributed some prizes and some of the local JC driver were in attendanace – the club made a short course […]

Where will RC Racing be in 50 years?

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There is often talk in the RC community about the future of RC – future of racing – and general thoughts on how long people will be racing RC toy cars. I just ran across an interesting article today about the very beginnings of model car racing in Southern California. Before radio control, long before […]

Electric Racing is Back!

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by Tim Davis JC Field Trip Planner “Hey Andrew, can you tighten my slipper a half turn?” A common question we have all asked or heard at one point or another at a race track. What is so important about this question, here, in this race report, right now? Well, I posed this question to […]

I’m Running for President

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by Tim Davis JConcepts Staff Writer As most of you know, and certainly any of you that have visited my Ormond Beach home – I have an ongoing battle with my neighbors and home owners association concerning my Dollar Weed issue – Matt has suggested me buying a 7 foot tall fiberglass Rooster/Cock and placing […]