Nitro challenge 2009 -AZ

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Woo-hoo Besides the 60 min Worlds A-Main – the Nitro Challenge 45 min Pro Buggy A-main is the longest I’ve watched in a long time. Announcing was great- if you watched it you know that we had to rely on audio b-c video sucked. Practically non-existent on LiveRC – but audio was awesome and lap […]

Electric Racing is Back!

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by Tim Davis JC Field Trip Planner “Hey Andrew, can you tighten my slipper a half turn?” A common question we have all asked or heard at one point or another at a race track. What is so important about this question, here, in this race report, right now? Well, I posed this question to […]

Maifield was HOT at the Hot Rod Shootout

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Event: Hot Rod Hobbies Offroad Shootout Location: Hot Rod Hobbies – Saugus, CA Dates: June 27–29, 2008 Website: Vehicle Class: Electric Offroad The Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout has quickly become one of the most prestigious electric off-road racing events in the U.S. Hosted by Jimmy Babcock’s Hot Rod Hobbies in Saugus, California, the event […]

2008 Buggy Nats in Cali

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Event: 2008 ROAR 1/8th off-road buggy nationals Location: Beaumont, CA Dates: June 6-8,2008 Class: Nitro off-road Website: Report by: Tim Davis, JConcepts Blogger Check out the JConcepts Video at My how RC racing has changed….I can still remember the first time I took my RC10CE to my local track….The summer of 1991, Masami […]

Round 1 JConcepts/ RC Signup SuperCup

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Race Report by Andrew Moore Round 1: The Inaugural round of the JConcepts/ SuperCup opened with sunny skies and a manicured track, both good indicators of what was to come. Combined with some fresh rules, the conditions helped boost the entry count to 84 for the weekend. Round 1 was a little damp still from […]

News from the Nats – notes from the Pits

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JConcepts lands in Beaumont CA. After stopping by Walmart (yes seriously a Walmart)for a sweatshirt (it was supposed to be hot) and a somewhat unique Chuck Norris t-shirt. I dialed into my favorties on my phone and asked Allison to save me for Thursday with a fresh JC sweatshirt 🙂 request answered – of course […]

I won the Nats!

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A personal email from Ray Munday to Jason Ruona, posted by AR Hi Jason, Just a quick email to let you know I won the 2wd mod title at the Australian Nats!! I’m still in a state of shock… my first Nats win, 10 years since I came very close but got taken out on […]

Tebo and JConcepts Take the Cactus !

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Event: 2008 Cactus Classic Location: Scottsdale, Arizona Dates: March 14-16, 2008 Website: March Madness in Arizona – 1/10th electric racing kicks off in 2008 with the Cactus Classic. With a healthy list of domestic and international competition this was set to be a heated battle in the desert. The SRS track is very typical […]