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Passing Savannah, in to GA and Jason reminisces about the old Georgia State Days… It was the best he says GA State Race is first race Jason ever won – I think he’s still excited … Tim never went to that race or that track… Savannah – good times – good ol’ River Street 🙂

Ready to Rage? its time

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sorry – somewhere in no-mans-land-Florida on a wireless card in the backseat of the Diesel – my laptop has decided to not format the text to make it easy reading for you – I apologize ahead of time. Trailer packed – check Crew packed – checked JC spare parts packed – checked  On the road […]

Waitress – another drink please

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Sitting at Outback – I’m surrounded by boys – my familiar term for men- the Supercup is tomorrow and it’s right near the house so that’s great- and therefore we have house-guests. As does Paul, I’m not sure where Bobby is staying, Bobby if your reading – I missed you at dinner 🙂 So Andrew, […]

Nitro challenge 2009 -AZ

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Woo-hoo Besides the 60 min Worlds A-Main – the Nitro Challenge 45 min Pro Buggy A-main is the longest I’ve watched in a long time. Announcing was great- if you watched it you know that we had to rely on audio b-c video sucked. Practically non-existent on LiveRC – but audio was awesome and lap […]

JConcepts & oOple Competition

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JConcepts and oOple have teamed up to bring another great competition to oOple forum users. Another opportunity to put to use your creative skills, the top prize will go to competitor who submits the best race report this month, closing date 12th January – this has been extended to give people more time. The judges […]