Politics or crap ?

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Ok so the mud slinging has begun, in case there wasn’t enough already. I will actually be out of the country on election day so if I don’t submit my ballot early I realize I have absolutely no say in the future of the nation’s presidency and electoral candidates. I admit I need to read […]

Uploaded – Jul 26, 2008

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What is the deal ? Today I was at a light at the corner of a non- major intersection and there was not one but two people holding signs acting like maniacs and waving signs to get the drivers attention to want to go check our an apartment complex! Both signs were red and white […]

Summer Blockbusters… and I miss Heath Ledger already

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written by: Allison, who else here would miss Heath Ledger As the critics and those with “the trained eye” have said -Heath Ledger’s performance in Batman, The Dark Knight, was amazing. I’ve loved him since his first movie that I remember, interestingly enough titled, A Knight’s Tale. With Christian Bale as Batman (after his first […]

Electric Racing is Back!

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by Tim Davis JC Field Trip Planner “Hey Andrew, can you tighten my slipper a half turn?” A common question we have all asked or heard at one point or another at a race track. What is so important about this question, here, in this race report, right now? Well, I posed this question to […]

JConcepts Rock Rash, Sunday July 13, 2008

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Written by: Paul Wynn I must admit that I really never saw myself doing anything like this; R/C Rock Crawling?? I mean driving an r/c car at a snail’s pace on a bunch of rocks…come on!!! Well, all I can say is, WOW! My first crawling event (well gtg) competing and hosting was simply amazing! […]

Maifield was HOT at the Hot Rod Shootout

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Event: Hot Rod Hobbies Offroad Shootout Location: Hot Rod Hobbies – Saugus, CA Dates: June 27–29, 2008 Website: www.hotrodhobbies.com Vehicle Class: Electric Offroad The Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout has quickly become one of the most prestigious electric off-road racing events in the U.S. Hosted by Jimmy Babcock’s Hot Rod Hobbies in Saugus, California, the event […]