Worlds- Friday -Round 5 of 6

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It is 70 degrees and sunny. Not at all like the smoking hot Fla we left yesterday. Not rainy, mud has dried and the race is on. First of all I love the weather! It’s like California weather. No complaints here! I also spotted two Starbucks near the track so this is one happy camper […]

Buggy Worlds Day 1

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In case you missed my blog,, Jason and Paul left on Saturday for the trip to NC. Luckily not a bad journey from Sunny FL. We are just hoping there will not be any rain, as we Floridians, or East Coasters know – it is Hurricane Season. So far so good. I won’t go in […]

Where will RC Racing be in 50 years?

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There is often talk in the RC community about the future of RC – future of racing – and general thoughts on how long people will be racing RC toy cars. I just ran across an interesting article today about the very beginnings of model car racing in Southern California. Before radio control, long before […]

Politics or crap ?

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Ok so the mud slinging has begun, in case there wasn’t enough already. I will actually be out of the country on election day so if I don’t submit my ballot early I realize I have absolutely no say in the future of the nation’s presidency and electoral candidates. I admit I need to read […]