Lake Park State Series race

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We had a great turn out over the past weekend, at the third FL State Series Race at the Lake Park track. Drivers got out there early and hit the track on Friday. Paul went down Friday afternoon with a truck load of tires and a pristine J82 that was just itching to hit the […]

SuperBowl Ads – another year come and gone

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So the best part of watching the super bowl, especially when “your” team is not playing is – ok well there are 2 things – the commercials and the beer. Not the beer commercials but the beer I can drink! Diet Heineken anyone ? As an advertising major, at least once during my college experience, […]

A piece of history

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Allison, JConcepts Blog-writer I hurt my thumb on Saturday. Not life threatening of course. Tim came to visit in his hot rod on Saturday. Shiny red with soft leather interior. The car really is a piece of work, a piece of art, and a piece of history. It’s all American. Like apple pie or hot […]

Is home really “where the heart is?”

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So the holidays have quickly come and like always are gone before you know it! Granted, this December – as a company – we had to deal with the JConcepts Clash, new product releases, as well as our personal stuff that is going on – like all of my friends are popping out babies… but […]

The Official Race Wrap-UP – The JConcepts Clash

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Event: JConcepts Clash Location: Lake Park – Lutz, FL Dates: December 7-9th 2007 Race website: Live coverage: Photos: Winter in Florida – “The Powers Explode” Bringing the magic back to Lake Park in Tampa, Florida the JConcepts Clash was an event to remember. As promised “The Powers Exploded” and a unique event […]

Even More JC Clash Coverage!!!

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Like J-Ro, this is my first blog entry, and I sort of hate to keep harping on the ’07 Clash, but damn, it was realllly good. Allison and J have covered many of the interesting points of the race, so basically this entire post is going to be about my own personal performance. Seriously. I […]

Weekend to remember

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Weekend to remember – December 7-9th 2007 My first blog entry……gee what am I going to talk about…….well DURR the Clash. Last week was a total blur for me. After months of preparation the race came and went and all I can say is, what a terrific time. It got so busy on Sunday morning […]

The Clash was truly a Blast!

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Well, I feel as if I haven’t slept in a week, my feet hurt, every muscle in my body hurts, even my cheeks and any muscle that is required for laughing and smiling! There was no shortage of fun, socializing or drinking at this race 🙂 But all that aside, the race was fabulous ( […]