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New Product Release- Scorpios – 1.9” All-Terrain Scaling Tire

February 24, 2015

JConcepts unveils an all new 1.9” all-terrain scaling tire from their design department. The Scorpios, scale looking tread, extra tall size and profile, jump out as the most obviously features. Starting by analyzing the tread, the design team focused on a closely knit tread arranging them in a pattern closely resembling a 1:1 scale tire. […]

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New Product Release – Ruptures – 1.9” Performance Scaling Tire

February 24, 2015

The super soft green compound grips like a monster, while the tall (125mm) profile JConcepts tire for 1.9” wheels tackles even the most treacherous terrain. The Ruptures are that extremely tacky yet versatile tire trailing drivers lust for. The design starts with a layout of individual “large islands” that react to directional and forward loading […]

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New Product Line – Dirt Racing Products

February 6, 2015

Brian Kinwald, one of the top names of all-time in R/C racing and development, has set out to offer exclusive products to the racer via Dirt Racing Products. Preparation methods, tire applications and additives along with unique tools and products have kept BK running at the top of his game since 1990. Practice, learn and […]

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JConcepts New Release – 2.2″ Diamond Bar 2wd Buggy Front Tires

February 3, 2015

Racing success will often settle when the driver finds the most comfort in their setup or tire selection. The JConcepts team worked closely together during testing to design a smoother characteristic front tire for 1/10th 2wd buggy racing. Available in blue, green and red compounds, the Diamond Bars spread a finely close “Diamond” tread pattern […]

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JConcepts New Release – 1/8th Buggy Tire, Remix

February 2, 2015

The Remix, tested during the busy racing season at races such as the ROAR Off-Road Nationals, the Remix is a crossover tread bringing two tire lines together. With directional side-bars and straight forward block detail, the Remix will serve as a high-speed blue groove tire on larger style and flowing track layouts. The sidebars react […]

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JConcepts New Releases – B5 | B5M | T5M Aluminum Steering Bell-Cranks

January 29, 2015

JConcepts has the steering system on the B5, B5M and T5M covered with an all new light-weight, aluminum steering bell-crank assembly. A servo saver-less aluminum steering system is CNC-machined and replaces the stock plastic bell-cranks, the steering bell-cranks by JConcepts come in a blue or black anodized finish and sport machined chamfered silver edges and […]

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JConcepts New Release – 1/8th Buggy Tire, Chasers

January 28, 2015

The Chasers rely on hefty, medium lugs which are angular in multiple directions. The horizontal type tread has a striking similarity to the trusty Crossbow tire which has remained a favorite for the last several years. Chasers have a lower, closer lug arrangement which gives incredible responsiveness and bites in medium, high and low grip […]

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JConcepts New Release – Advanced Formulated Tire Glue – Thin

January 19, 2015

Tire gluing security is now only one step away with the release of the JConcepts Advanced Formulated Tire Glue. Available in a thin viscosity, the advanced formulated glue has proven to be a winner on and off the track with its incredible tack security, packaging and contents. The sealed package contains glue, gluing tip applicator […]

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JConcepts New Release – Moisture Wicking Shirt

January 14, 2015

JConcepts drops the Racing Stripes moisture wicking shirt into the hardcore community of R/C Racers. The punch message of remains the highest priority front and rear with the original tagline of World Proven Innovation and Design positioned directly below. Much like the muscle cars of the 1970’s, the blue and white racing stripes vertically […]

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JConcepts New Release – Universal Storage Bag

December 23, 2014

Organization is key, arranging all expensive or inexpensive purchases in R/C is important and certainly adds to convenience during travel and storage. With the rapid industry changes there are always new radios, chargers, electrical and miscellaneous items that need comfy and neat storage. JConcepts has these needs covered with the introduction of the Universal Storage […]

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