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JConcepts New Release – RC10B5 | RC10B5M Pre-Trimmed Wings

October 8, 2014

Bombshell dropped as JConcepts releases a pre-trimmed, IFMAR Worlds winning wing into the racing community. The easy button has once again been pressed at JConcepts. Introducing the most popular and best performing 2wd buggy wing as pre-trimmed. Yes, the IFMAR World Championship winning wing design is now available as a drop-on fit for the RC10B5 […]

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JConcepts New Release – Flat Bill JC Flexfit Hat

October 6, 2014

  JConcepts has your apparel needs covered with the introduction of the new gray on black flat bill FlexFit hat. Available in S/M (6-7/8”- 7-1/4”) and L/XL (7-1/4” – 7-5/8”) sizes, the JConcepts hat is aesthetically pleasing, sporting a large, powerful, puffy, embroidered JC front logo. Hats are premium fitted by Flexfit, made in a […]

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IFMAR Worlds – New JConcepts Product Debuts

September 22, 2014

JConcepts has once again come loaded to the IFMAR World Championships with a variety of fresh product. The unique conditions in Italy, along with steady improvement has led development to the next level with 4 new tire options here in Messina. The concrete based track here in Messina gave JConcepts designers an idea for long […]

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JConcepts New Release – 1/10th Off-Road 60mm Buggy Wheels

September 9, 2014

For many years the standard option on 1/10th off-road vehicles has been a proven 2.2” bead mounting diameter. Times have changed, JConcepts Bullet 60mm hex wheels are the latest accessory available for the raging 1/10th off-road class. With the recent popularity of a larger wheel, customers have asked for a genuine JConcepts option in the […]

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JConcepts New Release – Racing Stripes T-Shirt

August 25, 2014

JConcepts drops the Racing Stripes t-shirt into the hardcore community of R/C Racers. The punch message of remains the highest priority front and rear with the original tagline of World Proven Innovation and Design positioned directly below. Much like the muscle cars of the 1970’s, the blue and white racing stripes vertically positioned, and […]

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JConcepts New Release – RC10B5 | B5M Aluminum Motor Mount

August 18, 2014

Having available option parts for a popular vehicle makes the hobby just that more fun and interesting. JConcepts has rolled out a sweet looking replacement motor plate for the popular RC10B5 and RC10B5M vehicles. With the evolution of race tracks, high flying jumps are becoming the normal obstacle. It’s inevitable that a driver will have […]

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JConcepts New Releases – RC10B5 | B5M, Aluminum Front Suspension Brace

August 15, 2014

Front-end protection is critical on all R/C vehicles. JConcepts is once again on point with the release of the aluminum front suspension brace for the Team Associated RC10B5 and RC10B5M vehicles. The all aluminum machined and anodized brace is spot on in terms of geometry, fit, finish and position. The edging has been slightly chamfered […]

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JConcepts New Release – TLR 22-4, Precut Chassis Protective Sheet

August 14, 2014

A high-end item used for many years on the performance side of R/C racing is the chassis protective sheet. For years, drivers have hand-cut and custom fit their chassis with a clear material protecting the new chassis look and also providing a smooth or slick surface to decrease friction between chassis and dirt surfaces. JConcepts […]

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JConcepts New Release – Detonator – RC10 Worlds Body

August 8, 2014

The RC10 Worlds car is back, JConcepts brings the passion with the Detonator Worlds body. The buggy that performed so well during the 1993 IFMAR World Championships has been re-released by Team Associated and JConcepts is quick to respond with an all new Detonator Worlds body and 5.5” Hi-clearance wing. The spirit of the Detonator […]

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JConcepts New Release – Silencer Yokomo B-Max2 MR Body

August 7, 2014

JConcepts, out to Silence the competition, debuts new Silencer body design for Yokomo B-Max2 MR vehicle. The JConcepts design team has spent many hours in development with leading team drivers to develop a new high-speed style body, specifically for the latest circuits. One of the most recognizable items, the Silencer body style, has now been […]

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